Sweet Potato Cupcakes Recipe – The Vegan Cupcake Project

Sweet Potato Cupcakes were on my to do list this fall, but I got so discouraged by all of my pumpkin mishaps that the sweet potato treats never happens. Now …
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  1. What if I don’t have all purpose flour? I only have oat flour and whole
    wheat flour. 

  2. New subscriber here! I am a TRUE FOODIE, have a gorgeous baby girl who has
    milk, egg and peanut allergies and I cannot wait to try your recipes! Truly
    enjoy the passion and the joy of your cooking shining through my computer
    screen! Was wondering if you have ever tried replacing your baking recipes
    with olive oil instead of using canola oil? Keep cooking those sweet

  3. Sweet Potato Cupcakes Recipe – The Vegan Cupcake Project
    Sweet Potato Cupcakes Recipe – The Vegan Cupcake Project

  4. I Just Begame A Vegan Fan Because of The Sweetest Fan And I Want To BE a
    VEgan Because Of This. DIETTTTTTTT!!

  5. @TheSweetestVegan, I’m going to try this recipe and replace the oil with
    apple sauce.

  6. OMG this sounds DELICIOUS! But why do you use a part of all purpose flour
    and a part of whole wheat? Could I use all quinoa flour, for example? or
    just all purpose flour?

  7. yum very nice Yes I tried the coconut flour with a few recipes and its
    wonderful let me know what you think. keep up the good work love your

  8. Hi, I know in one of your videos you said you freeze your leftover cupcakes
    and I was just wondering if they freeze well? And how do you defrost them-
    in the fridge, overnight, at room temp etc? I really want to try some of
    your cupcakes they look soo yummy but I don’t trust myself to make that
    many and not eat them all haha. Your tips would be VERY appreciated!

  9. Can you do a video on how to pipe frosting? I am not very good at getting
    it in the bag. It always gets stuck and wasted.

  10. Loved your cupcakes ,i was just about to ask what do you do with all the
    cupcakes after you freeze them how do you defrost them, by the way can you
    make a cherry, and a Appple cupcake thanks keeping up with you.

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