How To Fulfill Your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions [TO LOSE WEIGHT]

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

It’s that time of year again. We made our New Year’s resolutions to balance our lives out just a short while ago. Some of us wanted to lose weight, while others simply want to make healthier choices. Now we are getting to a critical point, where we may feel like giving up.



Prove your haters wrong by working against their evil wishes. The best way to pay back your haters in a positive way is doing better than they ever expected. It’s funny how most of us take our hater’s words seriously and let them destroy us. In so doing, we achieve and prove nothing. The first instinct that should engulf you the moment someone belittles you, thinks lowly of you or openly discredits your opinion should be proving them how right you were. Let’s take the story of the renowned entrepreneur and industrialist Ferruccio Lamborghini, for instance.

Google Announced Some Awesome Upgrades to Its Platforms

Google announced a spate of upgrades coming to its platform ecosystems at its annual developers conference, Google I/O.

35 Inspirational Earth Day Quotes

If you love Nature and support Earth Day, then you’ll love these Earth Day quotes. Earth Day is celebrated every April 22. Decades ago, before the first Earth Day was organized and celebrated, very few people paid attention to or were concerned about the environment. Air pollution at that time was the scent of development […]

40 Inspirational and Compassionate Nurse Quotes

Let’s celebrate National Nurses Week with these inspirational nurse quotes. If you or a loved one has ever gotten sick and has had to stay in the hospital, you would know the selfless service provided by nurses that no money can buy. Nurses are truly the heart of healthcare. The trained nurse has become one […]

Best of William Shakespeare Quotes and Sayings

Russian people are proud of their famous poet Puskin, whereas in the England, people admire their greatest writer William Shakespeare. He is regarded as the most influential poet and playwright of all the time with lots of quotation about love, friendship and other fields. This page shows you The Best  of Quotes and Sayings of […]

Happy Mother’s Day Quotes, Messages, Poems & Cards

To celebrate this special day, SayingImages shares the best Happy Mother’s Day Quotes, SMS messages, wishes, poems and pinnable images. Mother’s Day is a special day that is set aside for beloved mothers in our family, society, and around the world. Anna Jarvis campaigned in 1905 to make Mother’s Day an official holiday in the America. Her mother died […]

How to Stay Productive When You’re Beat [INFOGRAPHIC]

Let’s face it, more often than we care to admit, each of us is faced with a nightmarish day at work. Quite simply, you have too much to do in too little time; you’re already exhausted from weeks of hard work; and you’re probably going to end up in the office until long after dark.

I Made Myself

Through out my life I sought approval of others. I believed that the environment makes you and breaks you,in order to survive you need everyone to praise
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I know the pain, I lived with the pain Have been quiet for sometime Betrayal can break you into pieces, especially if done by someone you love or trusted
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