100-Million-Year-Old Spider Attack Found in Amber



Researchers have found trapped in amber a rare dinosaur-age scene of a spider attacking a wasp caught in its web.

Two men admit to $10 million hacking spree on Subway sandwich shops

According to ARS:

Two Romanian men have admitted to participating in an international conspiracy that hacked into credit-card payment terminals at more than 150 Subway restaurant franchises and stole data for more than 146,000 accounts. The heist, which spanned the years 2009 to 2011, racked up more than $10 million in losses, federal prosecutors said.

CHEAP! Air France: Diverted fliers asked for fuel money


Passengers on an Air France flight got an unexpected stopover in war-torn Syria after their plane had to make an emergency landing in Damascus.

The next surprise: “Passengers on Air France Flight 562 were asked to open their wallets to check if they had enough cash to pay for more fuel,” The Associated Press writes.

DIY WENT WRONG! Christ fresco ruined by amateur restorer in Spain


A bid to restore a 19th century fresco in a Spanish church has gone horribly wrong, with Jesus transformed into what one commentator has described as something out of Planet of the Apes.

Jay-Z Teams Up With Duracell To Bring Charging Stations EVERYWHERE

Duracell Powermat

A.G. Schneiderman Files Groundbreaking Tax Fraud Lawsuit Against Sprint For Over $300 Million

Official Press Release:

Warren Buffett Diagnosed With Stage 1 Prostate Cancer

According to WSJ:

Breaking news from Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway that is crossing the wires right now: He has been diagnosed with non life-threatening prostate cancer. Here is the release from Buffett, who says “I feel great.”


To the Shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway:

According to dailymail.co.uk:

Last year they demolished a wickedly expensive car in their collaborative hit, Otis.

Now, Jay-Z and Kanye West auctioning off that very car they ruined to charity.

The world-famous rappers destroyed a $350,000 Maybach and then went joyriding in their 2011 video.

Tesla Model X launch @TeslaMotors

50k? I’m ordering one. Peace out gas stations!!

From Engadget:

Justin Tuck Treats Teammates to $17K Super Bowl Gift

According to HollywoodHeavy:

Justin Tuck has had the privilege of winning his second Super Bowl title with the New York Giants after Sunday’s big victory, and he decided to celebrate in a big way.