Cross-Domain Ajax


Oh, friends, friends. Whoever thought of setting up the so-called Same Origin Policy was, ahem, not very forward-looking.

A bit of history: Microsoft. Internet Explorer 5.0 (released in 1999). Outlook Web Access (OWA) team comes to Trident (IE) and asks for a way for the web page to talk to the Exchange server, asynchronously. They get the XMLHTTPRequest object, currently more famously known as XHR. Seven years later, the industry catches up and understands that XHR can be, indeed, used for Ajax.

The first place!

So, here I am, looking at the Google Analytics for CocktailBuilder last week, and the graph looks approximately like this:

image Whaaaaat? was exactly my reaction. Here I am, having about 30 visitors on a usual day for about a month or so, and suddenly, a jump to 300, and then 700 visitors a day!

2007 Web 2.0 Awards WinnerWooooooot?


The reason was really easy to find. ranked Web 2.0 sites, and CocktailBuilder won the first place in the Fun Stuff category!

Here’s their full review, for historical purposes.

Woooo hoo! 🙂

Cocktail Builder: JavaScript Alcoholic