Happiness Unlimited -1 – Sister Shivani (English)

Main Points – Episode 01 Happiness is not dependent on physical objects. Objects, possessions, gadgets are designed to give us comfort. Physical comfort is d…

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  1. Very good, thank you. Really, happiness is not dependent on physical

  2. Hinduism is a religion which is not founded on morality. Whatever morality
    Hinduism has, it is not an integral part of it

  3. Great experiance……Thanks …Sister Shivani and

  4. BAKWAS Shivani,
    If Yoga is that great to help control your mental state,

  5. No words , finihed work now 5 oclock morning / watched happiness episode
    goin to sweet sleep , thank you

  6. distance and space from assumed beliefs is harder than one thinks to
    achieve! I so appreciate the wisdom in this: “If it is the piece that is
    creating the thought, then it would create the same thought in every
    person.” Such a lovely speaking voice to listen to, Sister, also–thank

  7. I personally hate gadgets. I think gadgets are the destruction of this
    world, the destruction to relationships. Gadgets are fine like I have a
    computer right now, and I can be enlightened by this talk that sister
    shivani is giving. Gadgets in itself has corrupted people of their mind,
    and corrupted their relationships, such as marriage and so forth. And I
    totally agree that people think that they will be happy if they have
    possession, one thing you don’t hear is, I will be happy if I can help this
    world, and give your heart and soul to those in need. bless you sister
    shivani and everyone else who walks on a path that has true happiness and
    in helping this world from it’s atrocities and pain.

  8. great and good and power thoughts from sister shivani. My heartful thanks
    to you and your team.

  9. people are so disillusioned, because they think that buy having
    materialistic things, or brand name products that will make them happy, but
    it isn’t only that, they seek self gratification, they carry vanity and
    pride. they want to appear to the world that they have this and that, just
    so the world can be their friend, their spouse, their whatever attachment
    they want. it isn’t a spiritual journey they seek.

  10. you really seem to have a clear and a proper understanding of the inner
    self.I am really a great fan of yours and listen to ur speeches
    regularly.They r very enlitening.

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