Vegan Corn Pudding Recipe – Sweet Southern Side Dish (9.1.12 – Day 20)

Corn pudding was a permanent staple at our holiday dinners in the south. Whenever dinner came to the table without corn pudding, you could see a little slive…
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36 Replies to “Vegan Corn Pudding Recipe – Sweet Southern Side Dish (9.1.12 – Day 20)”

  1. This is one of my favorite recipes of yours! Everyone LOVES it. I only used
    half of the 1/3 cup of sugar, added a bit more onion than 1/4 cup, and I
    subbed out some of the flour for spelt and rice flour, and some whole wheat
    sprouted flour, since that’s all we had. It turned out GREAT still. I also
    used a can of corn once when we didn’t have fresh corn, and it also turned
    out yummy. Thanks!

  2. wow, you did that! i absolutely love corn pudding so i can’t wait to try
    your recipe. my family made the quick version … creamed corn, jiffy corn
    mix, eggs, & milk. just wait until i try the vegan version on them;-). i’m
    wondering if i can use almond flour or spelt, hmm, i may give that a try
    b/c i totally agree w/you about the heartiness of wheat flour.

  3. I haven’t had much luck with alternative flours, but I only tried once. If
    I gave up on everything I only tried once, I would still be peeing my pants
    (TMI, but it took me awhile to get that together.) So I have to try it

  4. Try using spelt flour instead 🙂 or like another commenter said there’s
    also millet flour

  5. It was a relaxer, you are free to judge. I really could careless if other
    people think I am VEGAN or not. I do the best that I can. Thank you.

  6. I love your natural hair more than the perm.I could not quite understand
    that you were a vegan and you still had a relaxer in your hair. Was it a
    relaxer? If not I am very sorry for prejudging beforehand. However, I can
    say now you are a VEGAN!!! Everything natural is more beneficial to your
    body, mind, and soul.

  7. i loooove baking and im not vegan but i try ur recipes sometimes to see
    what its like to bake in a vegan/healthy way and i love it!! I should make
    ur vegan story video:) I’m curious

  8. It looks more like a pudding than a bread. I probably wouldnt make it, but
    I would try it if someone else did.

  9. I made this last night, the only thing I changed was the flour, I used
    white because I just don’t like wheat flour but it was sooooo good! Even my
    hubby liked it and he normally doesn’t like foods with this texture at all
    lol. Thank you for this recipe!!

  10. My family uses jiffy too. I have no luck with flour alternatives, so I cant
    help, but I wish you the best of luck

  11. not the most vegan thing to do…LOL I do it all the time without realizing
    it and my husband always stops me….we let the cats or dog do that dirty
    work….we figure it’s nature taking care of itself :s

  12. Try using Rice Flour — it will set up more like Tapioca Pudding but that
    is how I am familar with Corn Pudding turning out – Also how does your
    grandparents/sister like the recipes you create considering they are not

  13. yes, but it seems to be highly requested. I don’t have a deep soul
    resonating reason though. I initially went vegan to lose weight, and stuck
    with it for health and spiritual reasons.

  14. Your recipe ideas are awesome!! I printed a few to add to my family meal!!!

  15. Nice, I’m in Canada too and decided to work on a similar blo… Great
    video.. And I totally agree vegans can eat a bit of every dish without
    worrying too too much!!!

  16. Great ideas! I’m also a big fan of the Oh she glows Glazed Lentil Walnut
    Apple Loaf …. so good! I made the vegan brownie she put on her site a
    little while ago and some other vegan thanksgiving in my new video. If you
    want, subscribe to my channel!

  17. I very much agree, Heather. My healthy Thanksgiving plate looks very much
    like a “traditional” Thanksgiving plate. I look forward to making healthy
    versions of recipes for the upcoming holidays. It helps me not feel
    deprived or “different” from everyone who is eating unhealthily… Mark

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