Someone was bound to offer a 3D camcorder, but who would have thunk it’d come from pocketcam maker DXG? We got a gander at this pistol-grip, dual lens stereoscopic 3D View model, due in June. It shoot only VGA standard def 3D video, but what do you want for just $400?

Believe it or not, that $400 isn’t just for the camera. You also get a 7-inch digital video viewer. The 3D in both the camcorder’s 3-inch 3D LCD viewfinder LCD and the frame look almost holographic. For what it is, footage actually looked pretty cool. The video is in Motion JPEG, a pretty standard file format, but you likely won’t be able to view the 3D footage on anything other than the DXG panel.

Equally cool, or cooler, are three other new 2D HD cams, the DXG-A85 HD (March, $300), the DXG-A80V HD ($250, on sale tomorrow), and the DXG-590V HD ($200, end of February), which solve a vexing problem: you want to shoot at low resolution for easy upload to YouTube or other social media sites, but you want HD for posterity. All three of these models shoot two versions, HD and QVGA, simultaneously and stores two separate files. @