Develop Your Habits & FInd Positive Thinking As Cure For Negative Thinking – Life Purpose U – (my above vid references, which I’ve since taken down…but I think this video can still be helpful to you and your life) If want true change…

Complete video at: Journalist and author Barbara Ehrenreich criticizes the “delusional” positivity that she believes has permeated…

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  1. Baloney. Finance industry greed. Greed. They didn’t give a crap. You can’t
    tell me they didn’t know what they were doing bundling sub prime mortgages.
    Wan’t positive thinking was pure criminality on the part of large Banks who
    are too big to fail and too big to prosecute. Mortgage industry greed
    pushing subprime mortgages on people too uninformed to know what they were
    getting into.

  2. What the… Positive thinking!?! How about corrupt bankers and politicians,
    psychopaths and their sociopath minions; married up to a drugged up, dumbed
    down, socially engineered, brainwashed, overworked, underpaid, distracted,
    exhausted population. Positive thinking? How about cognitive dissonance…

  3. the positive thinking is probably one of the extreme belief that the
    bankers support from behind, so people would ignore their faults and
    corruptions when they are so positive.

  4. positivity-idology is a corporate weapon, which is all about control.
    Barbara Ehrenreich

  5. Raising doubt… posing realistic questions… this is always frowned in I
    wish people would become more like journalist(the non-partisan,objective
    ones) who see things from multiple perspectives and learn to speak out and
    up and ask questions that may raise doubts..

  6. Sounds like George W. Bush was running Countrywide. What a mess we’re in
    now. Domestic financial crisis and 2-1/2 wars in the Middle East.

  7. Did you not listen to even this little excerpt from her talk? She’s not
    blaming small borrowers. She talks about Lehmann Brothers firing executives
    who raised doubts. Read her book. She’s not the kind to blame small
    borrowers. As she says here, it’s cruel to do so. And in the book she goes
    right to the top with her blame.

  8. I agree with her. I think that putting on rose colored glasses is often
    part of the problem for so many things. . . Looking at situations
    realistically is what we need more of. To say that we can only get through
    something with a positive attitude is delusional. There are two sides to
    everything. Weigh everything out and there is a solution in there somewhere.

  9. They just loot publics things and say ‘think positive’, be happy, keep

  10. @ZRadach Also, you have to work hard; you have to think in the right
    direction, use logic and work hard. Thought + Action + The Intent to really
    make things better. In any case, we don’t disagree, we just see it from
    different angles. Which is fine, as that’s part of what makes us
    individuals among many.

  11. Her point is valid, insofar as analysis of existing states is concerned,
    one needs to be ‘realistic’ and ‘factual’ about what’s happening but the
    same cannot be applied to future events because its facts are NOT known. An
    argument can easily be made that if we take “positive thinking” out of the
    equation, we take the human ability to leapfrog, in the long run we take
    out creativity. On a personal note, there is NOTHING wrong with pink bears.

  12. The financial terrorists in the banking system is the underlying,
    fraudulent force behind the majority of our economic woes. This has
    happened several times before in our history. In fact Andrew Jackson has
    written on his tomb stone, “I beat the bank”. If you don’t already know how
    money is created in the first place, or how central banks work, I highly
    recommend a Canadian educational vid. called “money as debt”. Understanding
    central banks is the key to understanding politics.

  13. @ZRadach The ‘motivational speakers’ you are talking about are, in my
    opinion, scammers – and not positive at all, they are brainwashing and do
    it out of greed. Positive thought must be an individual choice; general
    society’s (see:media fueled ‘generalization’, not people in general) form
    of ‘positive thinking’ is all about getting more for oneself. That is
    certainly not my view on it, or of many people I personally know (1st hand
    evidence rather than 2nd or 3rd). Still, that’s a small portion.

  14. It’s the only thing that stands between “We the People” and total,
    uncontrolled, all-powerful government. Care to name specifics about what
    you don’t like in the Constitution? Are you more against the 1st or 2nd
    Amendments? How ’bout the fourth and fifth? Do you even understand the 9th
    and 10th? I’ll bet not.

  15. @ZRadach Wearing rose coloured glasses, in my mind, is when someone looks
    at the world and refuses to address any problems; instead they only see
    puppies and rainbows. Positive thinking, in my mind, is when someone looks
    at the world, sees problems, and focuses on the answer(s), rather than the
    problem(s) themselves. Naturally, individuals will have individual points
    of view. Thankyou for the compliment on the videos.

  16. No, GREED ruined the economy. Greed is negative. This woman doesn’t even
    understand the concept of positive thinking, so how the hell can she
    comment on it? Looking through the world with rose coloured glasses and
    eliminating negativity are two different things, my friend.

  17. I think the issues we have now are due to the corps AND American
    consumers…we all partied, spent, took large risks and suspended our
    critical thinking. Spending not saving was the thing to do. Well, we had a
    good time of it all, now we need to start being more conservative with our
    spending habits and money (resources) in general.

  18. @NicosMind Oh and your point about derivities and the repeal of Glass
    Steagall although it does have some validity, it would have been
    substancially less if, because of SEC regulations, the SEC created cartel
    of rating agencies who had a government created monopoly(and where
    therefore the governments toy in the market) hadnt given all that junk AAA
    ratings. If they rated it honestly they would have lost their protection
    and lost their government guaranteed profits!

  19. @rverne8 Actually ive “forgotten” a couple of things in my list but yes the
    repeal of Glass Steagall could be looked at as the beginning of this
    process but it actually started under Regan and was finished under Clinton.
    Coming off the gold standard, the media, Goldman Sachs, Goldman Sachs,
    Goldman Sachs,plus some of the others like JP Morgan, In fact the whole
    banking system(Fractional reserve, debt based, usury, fiat currency)The
    Greenspan Put etc etc, My comment didnt just mention the Fed!

  20. Conniving people with power and influence wrecked the economy. We cannot
    blame positive thinking for all terrible circumstances.

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