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God Knows Your Life from Start to Finish

God Knows All Things

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God knows your life from start to finish,
and it won’t be over until God says it’s over.
You have nothing to fear.

God has a wonderful way of turning positives into negatives.

God will not give you a cross you cannot carry.

Let Us Pray:
Lord, walk with me today. I have no idea what lies before me. Be my strength to make the most of it and use it for Your glory. Amen.

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Motivational Words of Wisdom

23 Life Changes Quotes That Inspire Acceptance

People constantly evolve to achieve higher intelligence, better experiences, and longevity. This is why there’s nothing really permanent in life. The people we meet, the experiences we gain along the way, and even the values we strongly hold unto are bound to change at some point in our lives. While those things are expected, it […]

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