Dance Moms – Maddie Ziegler “Happiness”

1st Place in the Junior Division Lyrical Solo Season 4 Episode 26.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

13 thoughts on “Dance Moms – Maddie Ziegler “Happiness”

  1. Josmary Garces says:

    Maddie is so much better than Chloe .. Poor Chloe , but, for me ,Maddie is
    better .. 

  2. BoxOfFrogs says:

    She’s so much better than Chloe. I feel bad for Chloe though..but, she’s
    not a great dancer.

  3. Grecia Bernardi says:

    maddie eres hermosa y bailas pero hermosisimos yo creo que eres una de las

  4. Mimi Gorgeous says:

    I hate this song….Maddie u are a star.
    I hate how all the parents get mad about Mac Z and Maddie business,if
    Maddie did not just still your daughter chance to shine…why you mad?? The
    purpose of these competitions is to win as a group as a team. if Maddie
    will like she always do,the whole team wins. but if McKenzie lose,the whole
    team lose and she will be a loser to herself.

  5. Jade base says:

    And then Kenzie danced at nationals and won. Christi will find a way to
    hate on maddie. 

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