Alicia Silverstone’s Vegan Almond Butter Cup Recipe | Lighten Up

No one should deny themselves chocolate — no one. Instead of reaching for store-bought treats that are made from ingredients you can’t pronounce, we recommen…

Check out the written recipe: These recipes were the result of not having a…

18 thoughts on “Alicia Silverstone’s Vegan Almond Butter Cup Recipe | Lighten Up

  1. RedLifeSaver says:

    I have a question. Do you take any supplements? Like B12 or carnosine? I’m
    really trying to go vegan, but I just wonder if those supplements come from
    animal products or if they are just synthetically made. Thanks for your

  2. AriJeru says:

    You are so excited when you make this food…. it’s really wonderful to see
    someone so excited about food. Also, a way I prepare lentils (lentil soup?)
    is to cook the all spices separately at first in another pan, then add them
    to already cooked lentils.

  3. StoveTopHero says:

    Hi Whitney, Ive watched a bunch of your videos, they are really great. I
    would love for you to post one on this months “healthy” cooking video
    contest. Upload the video right onto the StoveTopHero web site. With your
    permission, I will upload it for you if you like. Thanks! Mike

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