Children need the wise and loving guidance of their parents in order to grow into conscious, intelligent, happy individuals. If they don’t receive that guidance, they might lack the mental and emotional resources required to deal with the challenges that life presents them on their way, and, unable to cope with them, they could end up experiencing immense and continuous suffering. Therefore, parents need to be aware of their tremendous responsibility in bringing up children to their best of their ability.

Here are some powerful life lessons that parents should make sure to teach their children so as to help them to become the greatest version of themselves and find peace, freedom and contentment.

1. Admit mistakes. Making mistakes is an inevitable part of life, and it’s not something to avoid or be afraid of. Mistakes teach us what we’ve done wrong in the past and urge us towards finding better ways of living in the future.

2. Value friendship. Life can be very beautiful, but without good company, it can be harsh and dull. Find the ones that resonate with your being and choose to spend your life’s journey together.

3. Don’t chase power. Those who desire power in the external world are lacking power in the internal world. Instead of striving to conquer others, learn how to conquer inner peace.

4. You are important. You, just as every living being on this planet, are unique and significant. Your presence is enriching the beauty of existence.

5. Live simply. Don’t get trapped in the pursuit of wanting more and more. True fulfillment comes when you are detached from the desire to have more and are grateful for what you already have.

6. Be open to criticism. Pay close attention to constructive criticism, and, most importantly, be the first person to criticize yourself.

7. Voice your truth. Be yourself, express your mind and emotions, and break free from pretense.

8. Cooperate. Life doesn’t have to be a race. Work together with people to help create a more beautiful world for the benefit of all humans.

9. Embrace change. Everything in this world changes, except change. Instead of fighting change, relax, let go and allow yourself to flow with it.

10. Don’t look for wealth in money. True wealth is not found in how much money you have in your bank account, but in how much love and joy you have in your heart.

11. Listen to your body. Your physical organism is wise, so pay attention to it and take care of its needs for your own benefit.

12. Don’t be quick to judge people. Every person has a story and is fighting his or her inner battles.

13. Be grateful. Life is a gift, so be thankful for all that it is offering you open-handedly.

14. Do what brings you laughter. Play. Have fun. Dedicate yourself on what makes you happy and you wont regret a single moment of your life.

15. Listen more than you speak. Words have immense power, so be mindful when and how you use them.

16. Rebel against authority. Never let anyone tell you how you should live your life. Consider others’ advice, but never allow them to impose it on you.

17. Use obstacles as stepping stones. No matter the problems you face, don’t get discouraged by them. Problems are there to be solved and overcoming them helps us improve the quality of our lives.

18. Be generous. Whatever you have that might contribute to the betterment of others and the world, don’t hoard it — share it freely and you’ll find immediate fulfillment from doing so. In fact, there’s nothing more fulfilling in life than helping others.

19. Open your heart to others. It’s meaningless to built walls around you out of fear that you might get hurt by people. Embrace those you feel connected to and make sure to form genuine heart-to-heart relationships.

20. Share your gift. Every person is gifted in one way or another, so discover your gift and offer it to the world.

21. Take responsibility in your hands. Freedom always goes hand in hand with responsibility, so if you want to be free, take responsibility for your actions and see yourself as the creator of your destiny.

The children of today will form the future of humanity, so let’s help make this future as brighter as we can.

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