You’re probably wondering: who in the world is doing this super-altruistic free cocktail site thing, hoping to make millions?

You’d be wrong on just one count: the millions. You’d be almost right on the altruistic part.

Let’s go slowly: what do you already know about me from the last post? I have a girlfriend; this doesn’t, however, imply that I’m a guy or a girl; you know that my girlfriend takes showers (important piece of quality of life!); you can guess that I like probably cocktails, and that the narration is happening somewhere in Seattle. You also know that I – or someone I know – or something – built some website.

Not enough for your voyeuristic pleasure. Well, I admit, it wouldn’t be enough for mine, either.

I’m just a girl…

Sorry, can’t get that stupid song out of my head now.

I’m not a girl, I’m a guy. I’m reasonably young, reasonably geeky, reasonably fashionable. Seattle-ite. Live in downtown.

Love coding. I don’t write code for living, just for pleasure.

Love making people happy. Biggest fault I’m willing to admit: watching someone use the system I built.

Love creating usable systems. Love Joel Spolsky. Love PHP and MySQL.

Would love to create a cocktails website that will make you happy with your bar. Tell me what you’d like in it, and we’ll discuss in comments.


Cocktail Builder: JavaScript Alcoholic