Throw a Laid-Back Cocktail Party with This Easy-to-Make Menu — Tips from The Kitchn

Text all your friends immediately and tell them you’re throwing a cocktail party. With this easy menu, it’s possible to host a festive one just a few days from now without breaking a sweat. The key is to lean on simple sips and bites whose components can be made ahead or even bought straight from the store. That makes the last-minute scramble not much of a scramble at all.

gabjet added a new cocktail: Pineapple Cosmo

Refreshing cocktail with citrus and sweet undertones
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GiselleRebecca added a new cocktail: Little Lass

Its about sunshine, innocence, pure
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john2626 added a new cocktail: Southampton non-alcoholic

Mocktail taken from Agnostura Bitters Not so sweet as a Shirley Temple
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Tawny added a new cocktail: Fruit Rollup

A very fruity, fun drink. The mix is almost as hard to identify individual flavors as a fruit rollup or colored fruit candies.
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d lounge added a new cocktail: Reindeer Fuel

Nice Christmas drink
MyBestCocktails RSS added a new cocktail: Doctors Orders

Great winter night cocktail
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Cocktails 101: How to Shake a Cocktail

Shaking is hands down the most efficient way to simultaneously chill and dilute a cocktail—assuming you do it properly, that is. A good shake will cause the ice to rattle around violently in the shaker, cooling the surrounding liquid as it breaks down and releases water into the drink. Read More
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Turn Your Diablo Cocktail Into a Lemony Tequila Punch

Fruity but not sweet. Tangy but not sour. Fizzy but not weak. Boozy but not heavy. It’s a lot to ask of a drink, but this refreshing tequila cocktail-gone-punch makes all the right moves. Read More
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dutchtrader added a new cocktail: Suffering Bastard

A really refreshing gin and bourbon cocktail.
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