A glass of red wine’s got nothing on this white T-shirt — and if you were to spill the glass, the shirt won’t show a drop of it

Young entrepreneur Aamir Patel has created the Silic, a T-shirt that is supposedly impossible to stain. The shirt is embedded with superhydrophobic nanotechnology, which uses microscopic structures to repel water-based liquids by forming a layer of air between the fabric and liquid molecules

This causes the liquid to bead up into a 150 degree sphere and roll right off the shirt, avoiding unwanted stains.

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Silic gets its name from the billions of silica particles that layer the fabric. Even when wearing a Silic shirt while working up a sweat, this liquid will evaporate into the air instead of into the fabric. For the shirt’s design, Patel has teamed up with a former designer from Vera Wang. Read more…

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