Positive Thinking for Happiness

Hey guys and girls! I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while now and have finally gotten around to it! I am by no means a psychiatrist or doctor but I do hope to help at least…
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  1. This video seems very nice. The audio volume is very low, though! I wonder
    if the youtube video editor lets you adjust volume on videos already

  2. My therapist and I do an exercise where we rephrase potentially destructive
    thoughts so that their meaning changes e.g. They don’t like me = they might
    not like me = they might like me. Over the last 6 months that’s something
    that’s pulled me out of quite a few slumps and even put me in situations I
    might not have otherwise put myself in e.g. talking to strangers on the

  3. I really enjoyed this video. It was very helpful to allow me to get angry
    thoughts and sadness out of my mind at the moment. Today was a tough day,
    and you helped cheer me up. It’s tough to stay positive sometimes. Thank

  4. you should definitely do a writing video when we can see you and your
    writing, just like here 🙂
    ‘I love your accent, you give me a lot of tingles just by talking,
    smacking, one of my FAVE asmr youtubers :)

  5. Having a pretty hard relapse on the climb out of the pits of depression
    over the last few weeks. This helped surprisingly a lot. Thank you Jen x

  6. Gotta step out of anonymity for a minute, ‘splain some things to you.

    So, I’ve been watching your videos for about a month now, found out about
    ASMR about six or seven months ago. After I saw this, I took a peek through
    your channel. At about thirty videos or so was the first time you filmed
    your face and put it on this channel. After that, almost every video had
    your face at some point or another, and you have a lot of videos. You have
    shared with us your creativity, your inspiration, your love for everything
    nerdy, and yes, your eyebrows. In return, we the people’s response has been
    incredibly positive. Your views are teetering on the edge of 10 million.
    10-freaking-million. That means almost 10 million people have each watched
    at least one of your videos at least once, and that they have seen your
    eyebrows. Now, I’m not going to go troll through each video’s comment
    section, but I’d hope that no one has said anything rude or even marginally
    insulting about any part of your face.

    You are beautiful, talented, funny, and honest. You don’t pretend to be
    someone you’re not (RP aside, of course). You’ve shown us your artistic
    skill on paper, online, and on your nails. Don’t think for even half a
    second that your eyebrows are anything less than extraordinary, just like
    the rest of you. And don’t you forget that.

    I’m gonna go back to being a nameless viewer, now. G’bye.

  7. I hope to meet someone like you in person some day, my current friends and
    I dont share many interests other than gaming but that’s all we do anymore.
    That and I binge watched the whole first season of Attack On Titan in a
    single night, so that was awesome

  8. I so could’ve used this a year or two ago haha! I don’t ever talk about
    this, but I’ll leave this here just in case it might help somebody…

    I went through a pretty rough period where I actually hated myself and kept
    people from getting close because I didn’t want them to find out how
    worthless I was. I eventually opened up to my family, who told me I was
    wrong and really built up my confidence. After that, I decided that their
    opinions were the only ones that mattered to me. Now my main goal in life
    is to make people feel better about themselves, because I never want anyone
    to feel the way I felt back then. People may mock me or dislike me for my
    positive attitude and even for my bad jokes, but if I even make one person
    feel good about themselves, or simply bring a smile to their face, it’s all
    worth it.

    Great video, Aki. If I ever feel down, I’ll use this technique to help get
    me back on track! 

  9. I did not like this video because I have actual problems and naively took
    it seriously. Then it made me very sad and disappointed.

  10. Thank you Jen, it’s exactly the video I needed today !

    Bad: Procrastination (I wrote it down before you !), fear to finish things,
    lack of confidence in my artistic creations
    Good: Big capacity to invent and create, Knowing many things and still
    learning about everything every day, Compliments of over people about the
    things that I’ve already done.

    Kisses from France !

  11. I’d probably just define it as strong interests rather than obsessions.. ;p
    Though you at least have a TMNT obsession.. XD

    Bad – Very Shy, Voice, Pessimistic.
    Good – Geeky Interests, Slim body (eat anything and not gain weight), Very

  12. Been following you for a while and finally joined your Patreon but had to
    say that this was so different and yet I loved it. Your look, your topic,
    your vulnerability helped us be vulnerable and was just awesome. You have
    grown so much as a youtube artist and personality. Thanks and keep
    exploring, you have so much potential. Wow.


    You really do have great eyes! (and they are framed by great eyebrows) Your
    fans all love you. Looking forward to what you do next.

  13. This video definitely helped me out. My mood has tendency to switch between
    good and bad instantly (which happens fairly regularly), and I have hopes
    that this video will help me maintain a better mood for longer periods of

  14. my daughter was thin and when she stopped eating gluten and dairy she felt
    better and put on 15 lbs from 96 lbs to 110 to 115 lbs she feels so much

  15. This video helped me so much, I can’t thank you enough. I’ll sometimes have
    those days where I just point out all the bad things about myself, this
    video has made me completely re-think everything. We all have flaws,
    nobody’s perfect, and to be honest, there’s nobody I’d rather be than me.
    Thank you so much Jen, keep up the amazing work <3

  16. Your drawing are amazing!!! I have a similar problem but with when I write
    lyrics down for my own songs. I think there ok but not good enough to show

  17. That was a fun video and a great, simple way of dealing with what can
    otherwise be big hurdles that people face. BTW i honestly think your
    eyebrows are prefect as they are.

  18. Love this video, thank you for sharing! I also suffer with anxiety and
    depression because I beat myself up over silly things even though I work
    myself to death in my job and throughout college and university. Whenever
    there was something small to improve upon, I’d really get down about it.
    I’ve never felt like I was good enough for anyone or anything. But anyway,
    thank you for sharing your u r videos, your voice is very comforting. 🙂 

  19. I loved your video jen , i think it can really help some people but if you
    wnat my recomendation i would have a little bit of more communication with
    your fans via..idk,facebook,steam,twitter etc… to build a fanbase and
    that at the sametime that is helping you to be in touch with your subs it
    could help you grow up , i would love to be on your fanbase haha .
    Loved your video
    Pd: if you want i could help build something(fanbase) if you want.
    Keep growing jen :)

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