STEP 1: Access the Inconspicuous Valve
STEP 2: Gently bite the base and inflate in less than a breath
STEP 3: Zzz…Zzz…Zzz


From the stitching to a small pocket on the reverse side of the necktie, Pillow Ties are specially made so they can function the way they do. The actual ties are made of Microfiber/Silk blend giving the ties the look and style of silk with the durability and easy care of microfiber.

Pillow Ties will not bleed onto your clothing or wrinkle easily if packed carefully in a suitcase. And the best part, when you rest your forehead on the soft, woven fabric, you will not be left with any incriminating lines from the pew in front of you, nor will you have to lay your face in someone else’s drool an a communal airplane pillow.

The inflatable piece that rests within the necktie itself is made of a durable PVC plastic with a small “plug in hole” valve at the base for easy inflation and deflation of your Pillow Tie. The inflatable piece is completely undetectable when worn and not inflated. Even in the most formal attire, people will never suspect you’re packing a personal pillow!

*Keep in mind, Pillow Ties are specially designed and manufactured to be what we like to call, “Inflatable Compatible.” In short, the inflatable piece cannot be interchanged with other ties, unless they are Pillow Ties.

Microfiber/Silk Blend

  • Look and Style of Silk
  • Durability of Microfiber
  • Won’t Bleed on Shirts
  • Soft Fabric for Ultimate Comfort
  • Does Not Wrinkle Easily

Inflatable Piece

  • Durable PVC Plastic
  • Easy to Operate Valve
  • Holds Up to 25 lbs (That’s a big head!)
  • Invisible When Deflated
  • Removable*