Pharrell Williams – International Day of Happiness

Pharrell Williams celebrates the 2015 International Day of Happiness with a visit to Google for a Q&A with Lynn Hirschberg, a lighting ceremony at the Empire State Building, and a trip to the…

It Is A Great Feeling To Feel Happy and Alive!! In This Meditation I Will Take You Through The Brighter Sides of Your Existence and Reconnect You With The Light That You Are, Peace and Love :)

49 thoughts on “Pharrell Williams – International Day of Happiness

  1. iamOTHER says:

    This #HappyDay, +Pharrell Williams dedicated himself to giving one big
    message to the world for our future.


  2. trple5 says:

    Pharrell is the modern day SAMBO! Shuckin and Jivin for white people! If
    he’s lucky maybe they’ll give him a piece of chicken! Oh wait he is
    lucky…he made a song about it! He must have gotten watermelon too! 

  3. Art of A. Turner-Crawford says:

    Bobby McFerrin said it first, “Don’t Worry, Be happy!” Right ON to a
    universal idea. 

  4. ismael Hernandez Yañez says:

    I am happy everyday, and thank you Pharrel Williams and now I Know that the
    happy is for me 😀 

  5. Matthew Hernandez says:

    Am I the only one who cringes every time Pharrell tries to be

  6. Arja Helena says:

    This speech is so deep, relaxing – and flow with message/meditation….feel
    an d be

  7. Angela Mattox says:

    Thank u for doing this video. This is my 2nd day. U pulled me out of a dark
    hold, I didn’t even realize I was struggling with. Thank u

  8. Tina Eddy says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this meditation. I do it every single morning. Mak’s
    voice makes me happy happy happy. And the feeling lasts all day. Blessings
    and TY

  9. Lynn Clark says:

    Thank you Archangel Macintosh This Meditation was Beautiful And I Thank you
    With My Beautiful Heart Much Love to you ,Amen

  10. Dolli Doll says:

    I love how you sound like RuPaul all I miss is a beat but my heart beats
    for this meditation <3 Thank You

  11. Arlene Cachu-Medina says:

    O my god this totally changed my life NOT!! my life is still shity so ???k
    u :)

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