Pharrell Williams – International Day of Happiness

Pharrell Williams celebrates the 2015 International Day of Happiness with a visit to Google for a Q&A with Lynn Hirschberg, a lighting ceremony at the Empire State Building, and a trip to the…

It Is A Great Feeling To Feel Happy and Alive!! In This Meditation I Will Take You Through The Brighter Sides of Your Existence and Reconnect You With The Light That You Are, Peace and Love 🙂

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  1. This #HappyDay, +Pharrell Williams dedicated himself to giving one big
    message to the world for our future.


  2. Pharrell is the modern day SAMBO! Shuckin and Jivin for white people! If
    he’s lucky maybe they’ll give him a piece of chicken! Oh wait he is
    lucky…he made a song about it! He must have gotten watermelon too! 

  3. Bobby McFerrin said it first, “Don’t Worry, Be happy!” Right ON to a
    universal idea. 

  4. I am happy everyday, and thank you Pharrel Williams and now I Know that the
    happy is for me 😀 

  5. Am I the only one who cringes every time Pharrell tries to be

  6. This speech is so deep, relaxing – and flow with message/meditation….feel
    an d be

  7. Thank u for doing this video. This is my 2nd day. U pulled me out of a dark
    hold, I didn’t even realize I was struggling with. Thank u

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this meditation. I do it every single morning. Mak’s
    voice makes me happy happy happy. And the feeling lasts all day. Blessings
    and TY

  9. Thank you Archangel Macintosh This Meditation was Beautiful And I Thank you
    With My Beautiful Heart Much Love to you ,Amen

  10. I love how you sound like RuPaul all I miss is a beat but my heart beats
    for this meditation <3 Thank You

  11. O my god this totally changed my life NOT!! my life is still shity so ???k
    u :)

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