PART 133: Kpop Mistake & Accident [Red Velvet ‘Happiness’]

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25 Replies to “PART 133: Kpop Mistake & Accident [Red Velvet ‘Happiness’]”

  1. Omg they’re so cute <3 especially how they're a rookie group and then its
    like they're making mistakes purely because they're rookies <3 its so cute

  2. irene queen of dance mistake (main dancer lol)
    wendy queen of voice crack (main vocal lol)

  3. How can people dislike these girls they so cute, and it not her fault what
    happening with SM, sad because some Sones are bashing them…. really?

  4. Ahah they are so cute ! Irene is too funny and cute <3
    Wendy's voice was so tired at the end of promo, poor Wendy é_è but she is
    so good! Love RV 

  5. Them made a mistake at the same part . hahahah. That girl who are pink hair
    made many many mistke hahahaa . 

  6. Oh I’ve just really love. Red velvet even though their making mistakes
    during their live performance but still love you girls 

  7. 4:30 was during the typhoon. I don’t think that Smtown shouldve continued
    it . They could’ve gotten sick or something. *sigh* but it happened already

  8. I try so hard to like them since their from sm, but i cant get myself to
    like them like wtffff! 

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