PART 133: Kpop Mistake & Accident [Red Velvet ‘Happiness’]

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25 thoughts on “PART 133: Kpop Mistake & Accident [Red Velvet ‘Happiness’]

  1. Kazzy Z says:

    Omg they’re so cute <3 especially how they're a rookie group and then its
    like they're making mistakes purely because they're rookies <3 its so cute

  2. rebecca lim says:

    irene queen of dance mistake (main dancer lol)
    wendy queen of voice crack (main vocal lol)

  3. onceuponatime726 says:

    How can people dislike these girls they so cute, and it not her fault what
    happening with SM, sad because some Sones are bashing them…. really?

  4. Chocofraise Kelly says:

    Ahah they are so cute ! Irene is too funny and cute <3
    Wendy's voice was so tired at the end of promo, poor Wendy é_è but she is
    so good! Love RV 

  5. Aini Nazihah says:

    Them made a mistake at the same part . hahahah. That girl who are pink hair
    made many many mistke hahahaa . 

  6. Yehet Kkaebsong says:

    Oh I’ve just really love. Red velvet even though their making mistakes
    during their live performance but still love you girls 

  7. Ayo_itsjamaica says:

    4:30 was during the typhoon. I don’t think that Smtown shouldve continued
    it . They could’ve gotten sick or something. *sigh* but it happened already

  8. Shai Badua says:

    I try so hard to like them since their from sm, but i cant get myself to
    like them like wtffff! 

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