9 Replies to “Organic Vegan Carrot Muffin Recipe (Gluten-free)”

  1. @cyoke22 haha, thanks Ian. Yes on that particular night there were a lot of
    mishaps so it just seemed appropriate to do a blooper reel. Glad you
    enjoyed it!

  2. Oh my…you two must be so excited!! Your wedding is VERY soon! 🙂 So
    excited for you two! Sending you lots of love, light, joy and positivity
    for a VERY wonderful wedding!

  3. @fitfortwotv <3 Everyone deserves a perfect wedding day - glad you two were
    blessed because you are everso deserving!! <3 ~XoX~

  4. Never edit the blooper’s out again… is that what we’re missing!!! It’s
    great stuff. Those look delicious… I don’t think Brock was lying… and
    if he was… smart move!!

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