Oreo Cookies! Low Fat, Raw Vegan

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Nothing says American country fare than chicken fried chicken. In this video, learn how to make basic seitan and two great variations including a vegan versi…

49 thoughts on “Oreo Cookies! Low Fat, Raw Vegan

  1. Barbara Mowrey says:

    I was so into the food I didn’t notice that she said ok even once! Lol I
    think she looks gorgeous and I would love to have her for a daughter any
    day. Her recipes are phenomenal and I actually purchased a food processor.,
    but I was bitten by a hobo spider so any help there with my wound would be
    appreciated greatly! Is colloidal silver a good remedy? And some of the
    infection went to my eyes and I am diabetic but this all happened, diabetic
    part in 2006 and I was bitten in 2014. I was a vegetarian, not vegan. But I
    got that yucky feeling because I went too fast into it. But I won’t turn
    back. I do eat kidney beans with tortillas and raw veggies and I soak the
    kidney beans before I cook them. Also, I eat hoagies and need to know what
    type of bread I would use if we can have bread at all? I am new to this but
    as I said I have been a vegetarian since 1980. I just noticed that I needed
    the b12 and iron because I wasn’t getting any and now I am feeling better
    and eliminating. I was very constipated for many years. I’m lucky to be
    alive today. Where did all those toxins go? Thank God I was vegetarian!

  2. Linea Faerylight Moonsister Ginn says:

    “lets do this” and the “okay” = Super super annoying. And the animated
    talk. Gees, just talk normal and be yourself. It doesn’t make the video
    more exciting you talking that way, more the contrary. 

  3. Norma MacLeod says:

    Hi Rawvana really like your videos and asking do you have a vegan book of
    recipes. Please let me know. Thx

  4. Sarah Minna says:

    It´s like I´m watching a younger FullyRaw Kristina.
    Sorry…but you copy her waaaayyyy too much.
    Start to be yourself 

  5. Raluca Buta says:

    She’s nothing like Kristina. This girl is not exaggerating her make-up and
    clothes to look more happy and colorful like Kristina does. Also doesn’t
    fake smiles all the time, neither uses tones of jewelry even when preparing
    food. Should I continue? … 

  6. Angelius0502 says:

    I would like to try it but, how in the earth could it taste like oreo
    cookies? I feel cheated by the video tittle…

  7. pascale metellus says:

    Why so much negativity?? I don’t understand. I think some people are just
    so miserable they have no choice but to try and spread their negativity
    with others. smh!!

    Keep doing what you love, hun! 

  8. Lilli Ale says:

    Rawvana you are great 😀

    But you..sad sad haters…couldn’t you just watch something else?! BE

  9. Jesenia Alix says:

    these look yummy ! is there an alternative to vanilla bean because those
    are so expensive just for one bean its around $15 to $20

  10. Barbara Dixon says:

    I like seitan, but prefer chunks or slices. That was a bit thick and anyone
    new to this would do better with smaller pieces or portions to fry.

  11. DinoHunter56 says:

    You know how in Star Trek they said they didn’t eat meat anymore. I think I
    know what they were eating now lol

  12. Joan Ixito says:

    This looks amazing, but just starting up as a vegan cook I’m struck by how
    expensive it seems for ingredients. Any thoughts on that?

  13. dreyhawk says:

    Can the initial mixing & kneading be done with a mixer (dough hook) or a
    food processor? I am disabled and I have a hard time trying to knead. 

  14. FifthKnowledge says:

    Great recipe, I love the funky music in your video too! I can’t wait to try
    your other dishes.

  15. Lori Bonicelli says:

    Just made seitan for the first time this afternoon. Crazy easy to make! I
    have never bought it in the store because it looked gross and cost way too
    much. My homemade ones have tons of flavor and my kids could not stop
    picking at it and eating it! A new staple in our home, thanks!

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