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  1. This looks delicious! I like my soups a little thicker though. Do you
    have any suggestions on ways to make it a little more filling?

  2. Looks delicious! I don’t know if I can find all the ingredients (the one
    that starts with an “a”) though. Wow, you sure use a lot of garlic. I would
    probably leave out the lime and would add black pepper. I’ve never seen a
    pressure cooker that small.

  3. YES, you are right, MR.RAWHEBREW needs to visit ENT specialist. not his
    speaker problem, not a network problem.

  4. @art7s77 : No, it is a different daal and has a different flavor than that
    of Daal Makhani.

  5. @krizem We used whole Masoor. We have not heard of anyone being allergic to
    asafoetida but please use your own discretion. Many Jains use it as a
    substitute for onion/garlic. It is also used as a digestive agent when
    cooking gassy beans/vegetables.

  6. @Tiallily We have not tried this particular recipe with chicken stock but
    you can definitely add it.

  7. lentils are the bomb!!! you can make super nutritious and delicious soups
    with lentils. i like to add kale with my lentils….oh and garlic! yummy!
    for people who haven’t tried lentils, they taste like peas and beans
    combined. it cooks fast too….

  8. What is goin on with the sound for this video. The sound comes in in the
    beganning and then it is completely dead for the rest of the video and I am
    looking so forward to this recipe can u check it out

  9. @0Expedition0 : Well, they are called Lentils – no other name in English
    that we know of…. 🙂

  10. @0Expedition0 : Sorry for the late response, Think the lentils will take
    about 1-1.5 hours to cook. You will have to keep and eye on it and may have
    to add additional water as there is more evaporation.

  11. @ShowMeTheCurry Thanks! When i say ‘paratha’ no one has a clue what am on
    about but chapati… then everyone is an expert! This misnomer would
    probably make my grandma spin in her urn 🙂

  12. @cottoncandycocoon after the water has boiled and then lentils add it will
    take between 25-35 minutes depending on the heat you use. I’ve never had to
    cook them longer than 35 minutes. This is a much shorter time than cooking
    chickpeas/garbanzo beans, red beans, kidney beans, etc.

  13. If you have soaked the lentils, they cook relatively fast (compared to
    other beans like kidney or garbanzo). A good estimate would be approx 2-3
    mins per whistle. You may have to experiment with your cooker. You can
    always close it up again and re-cook if they have not cooked well.

  14. If you click on the link under the video, where it says “Detailed Recipe:
    ….”, it will take you to the written recipe 🙂 Enjoy!

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