Khan Academy

Got kids that you want to give more eduction too?

Click on this link to Khan Academy and find out why Bill Gates contributed 1.5 million dollars to this project. I personally think its brilliant!

With a library of over 2,700 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and 273 practice exercises, we’re on a mission to help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace.

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  1. I don't know what to say now other than I'm praying for you and Abby. It sounds so insignificant, but that is all I can do being in this location. I know though that God can do much bigger things than I can anyway so that's probably the best. Sharing the love from across the ocean in Orkney islands, Emma

  2. The gator quilt turned out great! I love how the orange and blue seem to be woven together. Another option on the border: I would use small white, small blue and then small orange (or vise-versa), another small white, and then the wide gator print. Is that too much?

  3. Dabbling?   Do you know he just released a blues album and has been all over TV promoting it?  He even had a full hour on PBS’ Great Performances, still viewable streaming on PBS’ website.  Apparently you aren’t too tuned into the blues yourself!

  4. I am sure if the defendant in this case was poor man or had no affilation with any polical party the bail would have beem more money.Or if was poor man the had beem arrested for atlease 20 pounds of marijuanathe bail would be more than $3000.00 .It is time for the magistrates to be fair

  5. Sr. Cabral is merely taking advantage of your UK ad industry’s apparent need to lie prostrate in front of someone. Remember Tom and Walt? He’s done some good ads. That’s it. so have lots of people. but if he can screw publicis groupe out of a million quid, then good for him. it won’t last. nothing in our alleged industry ever does.

  6. (2.) Bár kissé régi – de érdekes adatok pedig itt : Googleba írva : " Van,akinek sikerült,más az életét adta érte" – ( ebben majd minden "érdekesség" megtalálható – ) Pl. volt nap, hogy 89-en "jártak a csúcson!" – ( nehezen tudtam felidézni, de pl. a legfrissebb : Ugyan Anita ( magyar nÅ‘) – stb. [ Jó címet adtál ?- vagy a téma miatt ?- egyik Google oldalon a 2.helyre kerültél ! 🙂 🙂 – ] –

  7. Alors tu sais ? moi j’ai une solution si tu as des crème par exemple peau sèche peau lisse et même du fond de teint liquide applique toi ça sur les mains nimporte lequel et mes du parfums sur chaque ongle le parfum n’a pas bon gouts !

  8. Mushroom WeatherHere in a northwest Novembersouth storm winds rattle warmthrough still-turning trees.Persimmons and pumpkins glowlike autumn suns.It’s mushroom weather, slug weather:too wet for yardwork, too warm for winter’sseason of putting tools away.Strange second-summer growthof mad geraniums. Grass, deadall through sunny August, flourishesunder lowering leaden skies.Lawnmower sounds fill the daylight hours.Only the peony acknowledges winter,leaves collapsing, giraffe-yellowwith brown spots.

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  10. Trail running in your bare feet is hard. It’s not for beginners, unless you’re looking to scare them off entirely. Starting on a nice, safe surface like asphalt or concrete is definitely the way to go. And your bare feet are the best coach, as Ken Bob has been saying for years. Lee Saxby is not required. The only injuries I’ve gotten in 5 years of barefoot-style running have been on natural surfaces, btw.

  11. lol you know me, I am exhausting, I can bore people rigid with my enthusiasm! Honestly though I feel really passionate about this project, probably because it took so long for me to agree to buy it and also because it’s so different to what most of my friends think of as typically Turkey but is so familiar to me and my Turkey. I really believe in it as a viable tourism business and I’m really tough to convince Thanks for liking the idea K xxx

  12. Jana Araujo comentou em 3 de maio de 2012 às 15:44. Um arraso, como sempre…Julia, preciso de uma dica… De uns tempos pra cá minha pele passou de normal à oleosa e por isso estou tendo problemas c/ base, todas que uso dá aquele brilho de pele oleosa, um horror… Que base vc me indicaria e que poderia resolver esse problema??? Minha pele tem o mesmo tom que a sua… Bjo!!!

  13. Víctor y Dalia, Villamayor de Santiago Junio 2012Queremos aprovechar este espacio para agradeceros vuestra dedicación y profesionalidad para que todo saliera perfecto en el dia más importante de nuestra vida.Salimos todos encantados con vuestra actuación y sin duda alguna os recomendaríamos para cualquier boda o evento similar para que todo el mundo tenga la oportunidad de disfrutar de vuestro talento como hicimos nosotros.Muchisimas gracias!

  14. Nemili,I’ll look into this for you. I contacted my younger brother, a 4th year student at University of Utah School of Medicine, and he tells me that such a database is no longer in use. I’ve got a call into their medical informatics office to see if anyone there recalls what it was called and whatever happened to it. I agree with you, I see considerable value to such a vast collection of information.Thanks for keeping up on our blog.Dr. VDG

  15. Passare l'estate in città non è il massimo ma mi è già capitato. C'è anche di peggio. ;-)Quest'anno, rompo il salvadanaio e vado a NYC: ho risparmiato persino sul cornetto la mattina, ma stavolta ce la faccio.E i TG, sì, li conosco a memoria pure io. Mi sa che hanno un nastro Beta che rimettono su ogni anno, tanto non se ne accorge nessuno.Cyber: che invidia, il Giappone! Scatta un sacco di foto! 😉

  16. You’re missing the gist of this post, the reason for even posting it. This blog post is not to vilify Steve Jobs in death, this post is for the benefit of the living. So that they might make better, more informed choices should they find themselves in similar circumstances.

  17. Tämä voi olla myös merkki rapistumisesta ID:in mukaan. Aatami ja Eeva olivat täydellisiä ihmisiä ja heidän jälkeensä geenistö alkanut rapistumaan. Omasta näkökulmastani evoluutio on totta, mutta niin on myös ID sun muut, koska sama asia, mutta lähtöpiste on vain erinäinen. Molempiin tarvitsee uskoa, koska emme tiedä mistä kaikki lähti..

  18. of course I should vacate the property immediately. However, this is the first I’ve heard of this and not even my attorney notified me that this was coming. I am in the process of moving now but how long about can it take for the sheriff to actually come out here to remove me? I will actually have the rest of my posessions out in a few days on my own.

  19. The biggest concern should be what occupies the current banking hall, it is a magnificent interior space among the best in a city with some amazing buildings.BofA is only leaving the Superman Building THEY ARE NOT LEAVING DOWNTOWN PROVIDENCE!!!! I dont know how many times I’ve heard people write off Downcity today because of this decision.

  20. Frisaplat,C’est réciproque !mc,Oui la Maternité des Lilas est géniale, nous étions dans l’obscurité, seuls tous les trois, prendant longtemps. Ensuite B. a pu dormir sur place…Balmeyer, Parle-en à ta femme ;)Yelka,Merci à toi pour ta visite (dommage ton lien ne marche pas)…

  21. I have tried to do the Low carb thing but to be honest I was always hungry..stomach was always growling so I need to have some unfortunately. However I try to eat as gluten free as possible so i’ll eat Quinoa or Buckwheat instead of rice. Even the whole grain bread that I mentioned is made from brown rice and is gluten free. But thanks for the tip though and your support!

  22. If the three senators return to Washington, that leaves only Palin campaigning. He’s a cunning old fox, that McCain.No, it leaves three senators in Washington waxing philosophical and looking so serious about the matter – what everybody will be paying attention to, and two of them are Obama/Biden. No one will be paying attention to PalinIt’s a chance to look serious and to delay the debate until the bailout is ancient history (i.e., after one college football gameday and two episodes of “Dancing with the Stars”).And funny story Josh, but I could never believe that could be the mother/grandmother of .

  23. About your wonky comment.We've all seen the big figures about how much energy civilization uses.But is that figure just the raw energy in coal, natural gas, and liquid hydrocarbons we are burning?Leaving out transportation, process heat, and the odd renewable energy included in those figures.Is it the case that our energy needs are roughly a third of the figures listed? Or are those figures "at the point of consumption?"

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  25. Battlefield: Columbia University…On Powerline, one of the great blogs of the Internet, a post called “Columbia’s disgraceâ€? is a must-read. It begins: There is a suicidal mania that grips elite opinion in the United States. It is exemplified nowhere better than in……

  26. Det är väl bara att bjuda på ett vänligt enkelt hej eller godmorgon när ni ses. Svarar han så svarar han o det är ju hans problem i så fall. På en arbetsplats hälsar man, allra minst. Det kallas social kompetens. Sjunk inte till hans nivå o bli inte osäker utan säg ditt hej o fortsätt sedan din dag!

  27. . If there is a rationale for the plan, Brown hasn’t done a great job of articulating it. I get that his job is to coach and not to explain to the random fan his motivation, but it has seemed that for the last year it isn’t just fans but also his players that are confused by the O and what is expected of them….

  28. Kjenner jeg savner hobbyrommet mitt fra der vi bodde tidligere!Det er jo så greit å ha alt på en plass, og man kan rote som man vil ;)Ditt så veldig fint ut :o)Tenker kreativiteten din blomstrer her :)Klem, Lithe

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  30. Gratulere med seieren kjære mammaen vÃ¥r, du er verdens beste!! Vi trives godt sammen med deg og pappa i Norges vakreste hjem:) Gleder oss til Ã¥ se deg pÃ¥ TV nÃ¥r vi kommer hjem fra barnehagen:) Mange susser og klemmer fra jentene dine (med litt skrivehjelp fra mormor da…)

  31. Actually temphate residue was found on all samples of the debris. The explosions and white smoke were both exactly how it would go with temphate. Temphate is often used to demolish buildings. There was nothing attached to the planes. The temphate was in the buildings.

  32. Erin, you totally rock. I think being 40-something is when you finally get to knwo who you are… I think your 20′s are when you think you know what you want, your 30′s are when you try to get what you want… and your 40′s are when you realize you have what you need! thanks for sharing your story!

  33. What a heart-breaking but honest story of a tragedy which has clearly impacted you deeply.It’s only at times like this that we are almost forced to look at the bigger picture and reflect on our lives, why we are here and just how we can bring greater meaning to what we do with each precious day.Just have to remember how precious how life is – and yet so fragile.

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  38. Hey! Forever 21 has that line Faith by 21 and its appropriate for the larger sized woman. They definitely have some nice work approriate pieces. I actually just went in there yesterday and bought a few things for myself! I like that they have the section for the larger women though because I hate it when a larger women shops for clothing that does not fit her figure!

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  41. Liberal Left = Socialist; NeoCon Right = Fascist.Both loot the working class and redistribute wealth they didn’t earn.The only difference is who they give the looted money to and what they expect in return.There is third choice. Choose it. Demand it.

  42. I have had problems with the C4 and 5 waking in the night with numbing and tingling in both arms. Sometimes laying on side and sometimes on back. I am so afraid of permanent damage but on the other hand so very afraid of surgery. What you are saying makes so much sense. Thank you

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  48. Excellent post, Dang, très bien écrit ! Je partage ton analyse, et il convient que des commentateurs proches de Nicolas Sarkozy l’alertent sur les dérives qui peuvent être observées, cela reste encore le meilleur service à lui rendre.

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  95. This is a topic that I’ve hearing quite a bit about lately. A lot of nature vs nurture arguments as well as hormone therapy to prevent puberty and gender surgery before appropriate ages for the child to decide themselves. I find it amazing that people feel that they must be able to label someone. You HAVE to be seen as a male, you HAVE to be seen as a female, YOU HAVE to be straight, You HAVE to be gay. Very interesting how people can not see a person as a person without a label attached….Great post as always Deb

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