According to IPAD 3 Info:
-Coming out Feb 2011

What can we expect from the new iPad 3?

  • Retina Display, HD screen or AMOLED screen?
    A Retina Display may be be one of the features Apple is preparing and that would be very appreciated by all the fans. But there has been rumors (and reports from Digitimes) that Apple is looking to provide screens capable of displaying higher image quality than the iPad 2.Some conversation with Samsung executives may also have happens what indicates the  possibilities of an AMOLED screen…
  • Higher resolution
    In the opinion of FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig Berger, the iPad 2 Plus (or iPad 3) will have a much higher resolution display than the iPad 2. Apple shell increase the device’s pixel density and bump the device up to 2.048 x 1.336 resolution (the actual one has 1.024 x 768 resolution.)
  • An NFC chip and a Thunderbolt port
    Apple has shown interest in the Near Field Communications that may be included in iPad 3 and also on the new iPhone 5. Thunderbolt port are also expected in the Mac computers, so…
  • More storage and a SD card slot
    Much more than the 16/32/64GB storage options of the iPad 2 is expected.
  • Lighter
    A carbon fiber case would be a way to get some advantage, using this lightweight material.
  • At least a dual, mas possibly a quad-core processor
  • A better camera and flash