The HTC EVO 4G on the Sprint network has been a hit for several reasons, but especially because it was the first cell phone to connect to the Internet at 4G speeds. Now the 4G lightning is striking HTC and Sprint again with the release of the HTC EVO Shift, which brings a slide-out keyboard to the HTC EVO family.
In addition to a slide-out keyboard, the EVO Shift differs from the EVO 4G by having a 3.6-inch screen – the EVO 4G’s screen is a massive 4.3-inch display. Both versions of the EVO run the Android 2.2 operating system.
Wirefly was able to get the EVO Shift to review, which you can view by clicking on the window to the right. The bottom line is that the HTC EVO Shift combines solid hardware with a fine display and the performance benefits of Android 2.2. If the EVO 4G was too big for you, or if you wanted a physical keyboard, the EVO Shift gives you smaller size and a physical keyboard in a well-engineered package.
The HTC EVO Shift on the Sprint network is now available for pre-order on Wirefly.