How to Be Happy – Secrets to Happiness

How to Be Happy - Secrets to Happiness

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50 Replies to “How to Be Happy – Secrets to Happiness”

  1. Psychology and philosophy point to the same basic principles: HAPPINESS
    comes from accepting (and feeling grateful for or resolved about) the past,
    staying fully engaged in the present, and anticipating the future with
    enthusiasm. Here’s what we can learn from centuries of wisdom:

    Accept the Past
    We all have had struggles, challenges, and suffering in our past. But
    happiness comes when we feel a sense of acceptance, gratitude, and fondness
    about what has happened, both the good and the bad. Learning from and
    making peace with the past allows us to be freer in the present.

    Stay Engaged in the Present Moment
    Almost all spiritual texts, teachers, and trainers guide people toward
    becoming more present in the moment. This means staying engaged in what we
    are feeling and doing, bringing our full conscious presence to the moment
    and the people in our lives.

    Positively Anticipate the Future
    There’s always tomorrow. Even if you know there’s going to be hardship and
    struggle — because there will be — the future is wide open. What are you
    excited about for tomorrow? What could you look forward to? What can you do
    to bring joy or love or meaning to your and other’s day tomorrow? These
    types of questions pondered seriously and joyously can fire us with life
    once more.

    Let’s have a plan for becoming happier my friends.

    – Brendon

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  2. I really don’t know if there is anything that is worth living for in my
    life but this video is great none the less………good job

  3. The hardest thing is being happy after being with a girl for 4 years and
    finding out she cheated on you and lied to you :'( I just wanna fucking

  4. Hello!
    Kind words, gorgeous! Might I ask you, in which level of happiness and
    eloquence believe you are in the present time? It is easier say kindly
    words, encourage people and suggesting those trivial things you mentioned,
    perhaps I can take your advices too! But the point is, Are you happy for
    real? Are you practicing your own advices? Can you tolerate someone who
    lives life full of hate, full of pain, full of loneliness and of course
    full of essential necessities of the life? Either way, Thank you very much
    for this video! I subscribed too.

  5. It’s that simple! I woke up this morning, spoke some affirmations, told
    myself that im gonna write some songs, do some reading on the music
    industry, & reach out to some family members. That made me feel excited
    about my day. So therefore, im HAPPY!!

  6. *How to Be Happy*
    *Secrets to Happiness*

    Are you Happy in Life? Or is something hold you back Day after Day after

    Can you do something, to become a Happier Person…

    Have a *NICE AND HAPPY* Day

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    #dontbesad #betterliving #betterlife #personaldevelopment #education

  7. Your Energetic delivery form into substance instead of content.
    Happiness is an illusion, A momentary balance as if you managed for a
    second to make one card stand on its own leaning on nothing but its own
    belief that it can.
    pessimism is the same but on an opposite polar
    the truth is that ignorance truly is bliss
    An intelligent being with enough free time to ponder will have to
    eventually succumb to the following options:
    Destiny, Instinct, Religion or emptiness(freedom)?
    Whereas the peasant who lives and dies by the natural seasons has no time
    to ponder such things.
    The whole “Back to basics” movement is captivated by this concept of
    allowing natures order to come in and the philosopher mind to retire.
    In conclusion your Delivery is strong but most people will only last on
    that high for a moment, Before the stream of consciousnesses will carry
    them away.

  8. If I did all of the things you recommended I might accdentally live
    longer. That is just about the last thing in this world I want to do. I
    have no idea what it’s like to be happy, not a clue. Maybe that’s for the
    best as I’ve noticed people who are happy and love life, die young.
    Miserable old bastards like me live forever. I would gladly give my life
    to someone who would enjoy it. Sometimes I envy stupid people, they’re
    just oblivious to it all. Life is hell for people who think. Someone told
    me I need to lie to myself more, it works for the rest of us. Now, that is
    certainly something to think about.

  9. Sometimes Happiness is simply accepting your life for what it is loving
    the people in front of you and making the best out of what you have. I see
    a lot of people unhappy when they want what other people have. Online
    people make their lives seem perfect… its not true everyone is human with
    more struggles than victories… you need to know that you deserve
    happiness and when you believe that you will do what it takes to care for
    your emotional well being.

  10. The thing is… how can I be happy in such a negative environment? It has
    gotten to the point where I can be punished for being happy. For me, I feel
    like… as if I am a seed in fertile soil, but has been deprived of water.
    I was planted in a place where there are many opportunities for me to take,
    and that I have good potential; it is just that the support system seems to
    deprive me of the water. In fact, it once told me “I don’t care about your
    dream. You are nothing, and I get nothing out of you.” Then this happens
    day after day… receiving hurt is almost like receiving my daily coffee.

    Now, one insult causes a bigger emotional effect compared to a hundred
    complements. I don’t feel like I am trying hard enough to get to my dream,
    and that I am failing, and slacking off.

    I’m not saying its impossible for me to become happier regardless of my
    situation. I am just wondering… on HOW I can become happier in this

  11. 160,001 subscriber. I haven’t seen your stuff before Brendan, but its
    insane how parallel the line of thinking is with my own. I’m 20 years old
    and my name’s Daniel McCulloch. I’d love to speak with you about life,
    happiness, career, future, past, present, people, thought processes,
    anything. From the outside looking in you’re living the career and life
    path that I dream to aspire to. We’re all students, nobody is better than
    the next, some people just haven’t seen it that way yet. If you see this
    I’d seriously like to talk if you can take time to do that.


  13. Brilliant Brandon!! I’ve been inspired by your work for many years! I
    discovered Life’s Golden Ticket, and had you sign a copy for me at Mark
    Victor Hanson’s Mega Book Writer’s event in Los Angeles many years ago, and
    I’ve been learning form you ever since! I was moved by several comments on
    this video, but the one that struck me the most was “my parents are
    fighting and I just can NOT be happy.” This child’s comment was the whole
    reason I went to that conference in LA so long ago and began following your
    work! Ever since I’ve been passionate about helping kids and parents
    discover their power to discover lasting happiness, together. Your work
    has clearly helped millions change their lives, myself being one of them,
    and it is obvious to me that a child’s happiness is directly related to the
    happiness of his parents. We clearly need to be and feel how we wish our
    children to be and feel! We wish for children abundant happiness, so we to
    must be abundantly happy! Thank you so much teaching those who need it

  14. Thanks for this – makes a lot of sense. May be don’t expect people to get
    it straightaway – to get tot the point of understanding what you’re saying
    can be a journey in itself.

  15. After watching this, I still dont understand how I can make myself happier.
    I still dont understand this concept of happiness.

  16. Great video Brendon. I wanted to know what brand and model of camera are
    you using for this series of videos? It’s great quality. Thanks and keep
    them coming.

  17. Wow this video gave me chills. It’s so amazing how people put happiness on
    this pedestal thinking they will never achieve it. When in actuality it’s
    this simple. Great video

  18. Eid Mubarak! Please take a moment and read my one more reminder ..

    And remember that all those people with nothing to celebrate with. With no
    beautiful clothes to wear. With no food given. Instead they are given dead
    mothers. Blood, a kick in the face. Let’s take a moment and remember them.
    Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, a whole continent.. africa.
    Remember them and in the day of judgement Allah will not put you to shame
    when asked about your responsibility to them..
    The ummah is like one body. Even if the little pinky finger were to be
    slashed, you can’t even sleep one night with that pain. How dare not even
    acknowledge our own brother’s sister’s deaths right infront of our eyes..
    All over facebook, TV, what else will you ignore?

  19. btw my beloved brothers and sisters,

    The shayateen are back and the waswasa is back! prepare! lets do more
    good deeds then we did before Ramadan!

    Lets walk on the path of Allah The King!

    Wallahi we can do this! by the will of Allah

  20. When this nasheed says “Time of stress and worry are gone and won’t return”
    makes me think of those who are in Gaza who have been bombed on Eid day and
    their stress and worries are getting worse and worse everyday.

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