image“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” — Mark Twain

With great focus comes great rewards.

If you can balance your focus with an open mind.

Your focus works better with balance.

Balance the focus of what you want with not knowing how to get there.  This makes room for unforeseen opportunities and creative twists along the way.

In the book, The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind: How to Rewire Your Brain and Your Business for Success, Valeh Nazemoff reminds us that to focus effectively, we need to keep an open mind while we explore our way forward.

Keep an Open Mind While You Focus

Stay open to opportunities.  As Tony Robbins would say, proper focus is more like funnel vision, than tunnel vision.

Via The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind:

“There is a balancing component to effective focus.  When you focus too much on one thing, you may miss other opportunities.  The key is to focus on your target while simultaneously keeping an open mind.”

Make Room for Not Knowing

Don’t be so rigid with your focus that you miss out on ideas and opportunities that reveal themselves along the way.

Via The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind:

“Also, when your focus is too intense, you tend to feel stress.  Focusing on the outcome is good, but give yourself space for spontaneous ideas that may offer a different path to your outcome.  A softer focus will make it easier for creativity and innovation to emerge.  Make sure that your confidence in knowing what you want its balanced by your comfort in not being exactly sure how to get there.  Success often comes when you make room for ‘not knowing.’”

Energize Yourself in the Direction of Change

Hold a picture or a vision in your mind of the compelling outcome that you are working towards.  This will pull you toward the solution.

Via The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind:
”To bring about true transformation,  you must garner the support of your subconscious mind.  You need a vision of the outcome to energize your mind and body so you can propel yourself in the direction of change.  You can achieve what you want more easily, effortlessly and less stressfully when your conscious and subconscious mind work together toward a common goal.”

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