Every person on earth is unique and can contribute something original to enrich the beauty of existence, but most of us, not having discovered our individuality and hence our gift, feel unimportant, believing that we don’t have anything beautiful to offer to the world.

Our whole upbringing has made us feel this way. From a very young age, we’ve been conditioned to believe that we are not enough as we are, to do things other than those we enjoy doing, and to follow a predetermined course of life as dictated by others in order to be accepted by society. Naturally, we’ve lost touch with our Self, not realizing our uniqueness and significance.

But I am telling you: everyone is gifted, in one way or another, and that includes you. You are a gifted human being, and your mission in life should be to discover your gift and offer it to the world, because there is nothing that can make you feel better than the act of sharing.

Now you might ask: What is my gift?

Well, that is up to you to find out. Your gift can be anything that sprouts from the essence of your psyche and has a positive impact on those around you. It could be sharing creations of art, spreading knowledge, carrying out random acts of kindness, or anything else that helps create a more beautiful world. But ultimately your gift should be your very being. Your presence itself can be a gift, if you allow your heart to open and embrace those around you. And just like light is a gift offered to everyone by the sun, in the same way you can be a light unto others, radiating love from within yourself, showering the world with rays of compassion.

You might have been told that giving is risky without taking anything in return, but the truth is that true giving is unconditional. Only when you give without wanting something back, do you give from the heart, without the influence of the cunning, exploitative mind that most people have developed and our competitive society rewards them for.

Peace and joy are derived from giving, from sharing your being with the world with no expectation of reward, and, paradoxically, the more you give, the more fulfilled you will be.

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