25 Replies to “Blender-Made Strawberry Vanilla Ice Cream – Vegan & Gluten-Free”

  1. Thanks guys! Nice video. At first I couldn’t hear your words that clearly,
    but as the video went on, I could hear the pronunciations a lot better.
    Nice video, nice recipe, nice tips. I’ll check you guys out on your
    U-stream channel. Super nice doggies!! Peace.

  2. Next time try using coconut cream- whisk it and then slowly mix your
    mixture with the coconut cream to give it a smother texture :)

  3. I love your dogs! Thanks for sharing your ice cream recipe. I’m going to
    try it with a vitamix.

  4. looks tasty! funny how u yell at the dogs to come sit on the sofa…. I do
    the opposite… hay! get down!!

  5. Freeze the strawberries prior. Make coconut ice cubes. Then blend
    everything else with it and it wont take so long.

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  7. Aww I’m disappointed. This is an incomplete method. Requires more blending
    and freezing in intervals to achieve the ice cream constancy of an actual
    ice cream maker. Very nice recipe though. I’ll try this sometime.

  8. A pet peeve of mine is when a person says at the beginning of their vlog
    that the ingredients are all organic and then after every ingredient they
    say again it’s organic… You already said they were all organic no need to
    continue saying it. Sorry it drives me crazy. I’ve been eating organically
    for 26 years, it’s a great way to feed your body. 

  9. you could do this so much faster in a vitamix, and add the strawberries in
    at the 1 setting and pulse the strawberries in- …

  10. Well I don’t think eating purly vegan is healthy. This is a pretty healthy
    dish aside from some chemicals that could come from the coconut milk can
    and the fact that eating cold foods isn’t good for digestion/gut but its
    not too bad to cheat here and there specially when the ingredients are
    good. Seem like a good example for people that are trying to eat healthy
    vegan coconut is a good staple food.

  11. The problem is once you close it in a pretty sealed container, you should
    not open it for eight hours. If I want I cream, I will not be thinking
    about health. 

  12. I don’t understand why you claim to be the internets only show dedicated to
    health, but I do love how you (or one of the previous owners) took a
    kitchen with old cabinets and modernized it without being wasteful and
    doing everything new!

  13. “No we don’t want to know about your personal life, just get on with the
    video thanks”!!! I’m kidding :)

  14. If you want a lighter ice cream (texture wise) you should whip the coconut
    milk and then fold in the strawberry blended mixture. That’s how I make all
    my ice cream now. You can whip the coconut milk by hand if you start with
    everything cold (just put the preferably metal bowl and whisk in a freezer
    for a little while to cool them down, it helps everything whip more

  15. Now do not forget to add olive oil to your diets. The main reasons Vegans
    and Vegetarians get heart attacks is because they have to much omega-6 in
    their diet. Olive oil has mono-unsaturated fats so it is not as bad as
    saturated fats. Flaxseed Oil has omega-3 so mixing 3 and 6 means you will
    be healthier than ever.

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  16. My wife is Ceoliac, as in allergic to wheat; so these wheat free gluten
    free recopies are the BOMB!!

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