I’ve been quite hooked to podcasting in the last few weeks – mainly because I’ve been taking the bus to work (Seattle’s weather is, ahem, weird this winter), and the best thing to do on the bus is to try to create an interesting enough shell around yourself that you don’t notice the 150 people squeezed in a little box around you, and don’t hear the banging of the chains against the nearby cars.

Funny thing is, I found a very cool podcasting series that’s been open for over a year now; it’s hosted by folks running ajaxian.com. They are fun, very knowledgeable, and their sole focus is AJAX and a tiny bit of JavaScript. The guys bring in influential people from the industry, and interview them; other of their podcasts are about “the state of AJAX” – new tools and best practices. Here’s their podcast URL: http://media.ajaxian.com
Cocktail Builder: JavaScript Alcoholic