What is the most important thing you do at the beginning of each year to set yourself up for your best year ever?


Michael Hyatt and his team set about getting that question answered by over 30+ high achievers. The replies have been pouring in. It’s a wealth of wisdom and the responses are incredible.

I love learning how successful people achieve their goals and dreams, especially when it’s summarized into a report that I can easily read, digest, and apply to my own goal setting endeavors.

2017 is Sneaking Up…

It already seems like 2017 is sneaking up on us…

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But I think the secret to making this new year count is simply taking a few moments to prepare for it. That’s why I love this free PDF report:

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You’ll recognize many of the names as they include multiple best-selling authors, speakers, and leaders of their respected fields.

  • Tony Robbins
  • John Maxwell
  • Dave Ramsey
  • Marie Forleo
  • Andy Andrews
  • Jeff Walker
  • Amy Porterfield
  • Andy Stanley
  • Lysa TerKeurst
  • Chalene Johnson
  • Lewis Howe
  • …Any Many More!

Don’t miss out on this amazing resource. I’m sure that you’ll pick up a few actionable tips that will help you anticipate the New Year and help make your 2017 the year that you set and achieve your goals!

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Discover your LifeScore

How do you measure your progress within key areas of your life? With work or business it might be a little easier because you likely use your income to measure success. 

But what about our relationships, health, or intellectual growth, for instance??

How do you measure and achieve happiness? Where does happiness come from?

People often think they will be happy when they achieve a specific goal. You might think:

    • Once I get married, I will be happy
    • Once I have children, I’ll be happy
    • Once I build/buy my dream home, I will be happy
    • Once I get that promotion, I’ll be happy
    • Once I take my dream vacation, I’ll be happy

Deep down, you and I know that happiness doesn’t come from obtaining the prize, because there’s always something just a little better on the horizon. Instead, it comes from the journey and the pursuit. That’s why we must continually strive to pursue new goals. 

But what area of your life should you focus on??

New York Times best-selling author Michael Hyatt has developed a proprietary tool that makes this whole process easy…plus, it’s free!

Like many assessments, you take this on your own. Although it takes less than 10 minutes, it gives you the opportunity to rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 12 in each of life’s 10 key areas.?

You’ll read a series of statements that describe situations specific to each key life domain, and you simply choose which one most closely aligns with where you see yourself now. ?

The tool calculates your score in each key area, adds them together, and then gives you ?overall LifeScore.™

Once you discover your LifeScore,™ you can quickly see what’s already working well plus spot opportunities for growth.

The tool was designed to give you clarity so that you can start creating the life you want.? 

Best of all, the LifeScore™ Assessment is FREE–but only for a limited time.

Click Here to Access LifeScore

I took this Life Assessment and found it very eye-opening! I definitely found some areas that I need to improve on. But, I also discovered areas that seem to be going well for me. Now, I know where to focus my energy so I can create the type of life that I want.

Namely, I’m looking for better balance between business and family. What are you looking to improve in your life?




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