シェネル Happiness / シェネル Happiness.
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25 Replies to “シェネル/Happiness”

  1. It’s a cartoon, folks. Not real. It’s dark humor, like 9/11 jokes and dead
    baby jokes. If you can’t handle dark humor or dark cartoons, I suggest you
    just don’t bother with the Internet.


  2. Now I’m scared for my life that a cop is gonna pop in through my window and
    beat me up because I read the sign .-.

  3. People logic:

    *See’s a person getting hurt* “HAHAHA LOLLLLL!!!!”

    *See’s a animated baby in a animated clip getting hurt* “F*** you. You guys
    are unsensitive pricks that don’t care for no one. You should rot in hell
    for what you’ve done”.

    Some people just don’t make sense. It’s funny. Not because a baby in a
    animated clip got hurt, but because of the irony. Who would’ve expect the
    sign? I mean, c’mon.

  4. The cops knows “no babies” and punished the baby because they read the sign
    at the opposite side, yet ironically they stood right under a sign saying ”
    NO reading”
    Get the joke and hidden meaning of how our society works?
    I mean to those retard who gone range over a dark humor?

  5. Everyone takes jokes to serious and it’s the babies fault for being there
    when the sign clearly said no babies 

  6. I barely subscribed and after seeing this I don’t ever want to watch one of
    these retarded videos ever again

  7. Obedience- doing what your told regardless if it is right or wrong
    Morality- doing what’s right regardless of what is told

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