“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” — Howard Thurman

Purpose.  It’s powerful.

When you combine purpose with a business mind, the world is your oyster.

I’m reading The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind, where author Valeh Navemoff talks about purpose and the business mind.

It resonates with my philosophy on applying purpose and passion to business and work, so I’ll share some of Navemoff’s insights, along with my perspective.

Turn Your Purpose into Passion Work and a Passion Business

A good business mind can turn purpose into a passion business or “passion work”, as my friend puts it.  Good business minds find ways to do more “passion work,” while creating an exchange of value with others.

Passion work is the work that makes you come alive.

You can find your passion work by blending your purpose and what you would do for free, with what people would pay you for.

Personally, I found a way to breathe new life into my work by striving to continuously answer the following question:

“What do I want to spend more time doing?”

I also found a way to do more passion work by living my values.   This helps me be more of me, and bring more of me, wherever I go.

And a big part of what drives me is that I want to improve the quality of life for as many people as I can, as long as I can.  So I try to connect my work to that purpose to energize whatever I do.

The Power of a Business Mind

I’ve learned to really appreciate and respect the power of a business mind.

Passion and purpose are one thing, but building a strong business mind can help you recognize, identify, and pay attention to opportunities and value.

A well-trained business mind is skilled at creating and capturing value.

A well-trained business mind also knows how to think in terms of systems, sustainability and growth.

Too many good ideas for the world, die because they lack a business mind behind them.

I’ve seen too many good ideas die a slow and painful death, whether it’s the case of the brilliant, mis-understood genius, or simply an idea that the market wasn’t ready for,

And, then, I’ve seen the same ideas get reborn and brought to life by a person with a creative business mind that knows how to create a customer and serve a market, and really tap into pains, needs, and desired outcomes.

And the best business minds do it with purpose and passion and with the greater good in mind.

What You Would Do for Free + What Would People Pay You For?

A business mind knows how to create a customer and how to create an exchange of value.  A business mind knows how to turn purpose and passion into profit, in a meaningful way.
As one of my mentors put it bluntly, “I didn’t really know whether my ideas were any good until people paid me for them.”  He continued, “A good test of your idea is: what will people pay you for?”

It’s good to test the market value of your ideas.

Sure, my Mom like the ashtrays I made her in art class, but I don’t think anybody would have paid me for them.

An effective business mind knows how to combine work you would do for free, with what people would pay you for.

A Business Mind is Captivating

When you have a strong business mind, you do engaging work, and you can inspire others by turning ideas into value generating systems and ecosystems.   You create platforms for value creation.

Via The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind:

“You can easily tell when someone has a business mind.  Someone who has their business mind switched to ‘on’ typically works with passion and purpose.  They are fully present and love their work.  The people they engage with experience the full joy that radiates from them.  Their ebullient, positive energy is captivating.  They are finding deep pleasure in their business and life.  They are in harmony with themselves and in their surroundings.”

A Business Minds Has Long-Term and Short-Term Vision

A business mind can see things the way they are, as well as the way things should be, or could be, and can explore the art of the possible.

Via The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind:

“People with a business mind also possess long-term as well as short-term vision.  They set their goals higher and desire bigger business outcomes.  Many think that bigger outcomes always equate with money, but upon diving deeper, it usually turns out that is not the reason.”

Do What that Makes You Come Alive

You can combine purpose and business to create value in ways that engage all of you, while changing the world, or at least, your world.

Via The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind:

“For example, my personal purpose is to spend quality time with my grandparents and mother; to visit my brother when and for how long I desire to; to work with programs that help support those with mental disabilities and disease; to empower future generations; to travel the world; to passionately dance; to share smiles and laughter with those who cross my path; to uplift, motivate, and inspire many; and to resonate love and compassion.”

Grow a Business While Fulfilling a Purpose

Your business can be a by-product of fulfilling your purpose.

Via The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind:

“To fulfill my purpose, I realized I needed money, but I also knew that I needed to make some conscious changes.  They weren’t easy and didn’t happen overnight, but eventually I decluttered and simplified my business.  I moved my company to the cloud, so I could work where and when I chose.

I know feel more focused and much healthier and happier with where I am in my life.  I now have time to do more things I really love to do.  I get to help people change their lives and businesses.  This book, in fact, fulfills part of my purpose to make a difference and create new opportunities for others.”

You Can Have Multiple Purposes

Don’t get locked in on one purpose.  You can have multiple purposes to inspire your way forward.

Via The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind:

“Keep in mind that you can have multiple purposes, which can evolve and change over time.  Just make sure that whatever your purpose is, you are conscious of it every day and dedicate at least some of your activities to meeting your goals.”

How can you develop and use the power of your business mind to help you bring your purpose to life?

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