JavaScript Validation and Compression

I know it, you’re an AJAX geek. Just like me. You think it’s the next Win32, or GTK, or .NET, .ABC, .DEF, or .whatever. There’s one problem, though: Web 2.0 sites are not just about AJAX. They are about JavaScript and client-side code, as much as they are about client-server interaction.

Look at Google Analytics. Their sexiness comes from their gorgeous client-side Flash, not because they get stuff asynchronously from the server. Look at Google Maps, the original Ajax app. You may say “#$ @%, what are you talking about: Google Maps are all about the async stuff!”. No, Google Maps are about drag-and-drop. If you needed to click the stupid “left arrow” button to get the map of what’s to the west, you wouldn’t care that only a part of the screen is being refreshed.