Which Cocktails to Show?

All right, we’re trying to show the user what they can make from what they got in the bar. Cool.

We know what they got in the bar (see previous post); now, we better show them some useful cocktail recipes, or they’ll sue the hell out of poor me for false advertising :-). And hey, I gotta pay for hosting, no dollars to waste on legal fees, sorry.

[Side note: cocktailbuilder.com is currently hosted on my home server, an ancient Linux box – PIII 500MHz. 40KB/s upload rate. $ 30/month for cable internet with Millennium Digital Media – btw, wonderful ISP.]

AutoComplete: Which items to show?

Some time ago, I wrote how freaking cool the auto-complete system is for ingredient entry. If you don’t believe me, go take a look at its implementation – I actually have it done. For the lazy ones – folks like me – it ended up looking something like this:

Sexy, huh?

Yea, whatever. I know what you’re gonna say – I’ve seen this a billion times.

You have, you’re right. But one thing you most likely never thought about when you used a similar sexy-auto-complete textbox: which matches show up?