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Vision vNext: Organizing a Party

I’m thinking about the next version of the CocktailBuilder, and I’d like to share an idea that a friend of mine gave me. Basically, it’s about one good end-to-end scenario for the website that I’m almost achieving, but not quite.

What’s the most obvious use case for the site today? “Enter what you have in your bar, and you’ll see the cocktails you can make from it”. Great.

We want more.

We want to think end-to-end. What is the user trying to do? Probably, organize a party. A good party host wants to post a bar menu somewhere, to disincline the cute and pleasantly un-intelligent freshmen from the nearby dorm from asking “hey, can you make a sex on the beach?” RTFM, baby.

To make that scenario work, you need to help the savvy sysadmin of the party print out that M, I mean the manual, oops, the bar menu. And you need to help him manage that bar menu. Really, the bar menu is just a list of favorite cocktails; and printing of the menu is just a matter of converting the pretty HTML page to a pretty PDF file.

I’m half-way there on the implementation – favorites are done, but I’m still thinking about whether doing a PDF exporter is the right way to go .

What do you think about this scenario? Anything I’m missing? Any nearby scenario that we can get for cheap?


Cocktail Builder: JavaScript Alcoholic

Throw a Laid-Back Cocktail Party with This Easy-to-Make Menu — Tips from The Kitchn

Text all your friends immediately and tell them you’re throwing a cocktail party. With this easy menu, it’s possible to host a festive one just a few days from now without breaking a sweat. The key is to lean on simple sips and bites whose components can be made ahead or even bought straight from the store. That makes the last-minute scramble not much of a scramble at all.

This laid-back menu starts with a refreshing rhubarb cocktail that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser (especially because it can also be made as a mocktail). Snacks like cheesy polenta bites, spicy carrot hummus, and hearty beef tenderloin sliders are sure to keep your friends satiated, and there are a few sweet treats to round out the occasion. There’s no better excuse to host a gathering than this one.


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