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Batya Stepelman’s Open, Garden-Powered Kitchen in Denver — Kitchen Tour

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Who cooks and eats here: Batya Stepelman of Sparrows & Spatulas, along with her husband, Matt Berman, and their young sons, Otis and Theodore
Where: Denver, CO
Rent or Own? Own

I recently visited Batya Stepelman’s city garden and warm, functional kitchen, nestled in a historic section of downtown Denver. Originally from Brooklyn, Batya is a self-taught cook, seasoned vegetarian, first-time gardener, and author of the popular lifestyle blog, Sparrows & Spatulas. When you visit Batya’s kitchen, two things are certain: you won’t leave empty handed, and you’ll walk away inspired.

Let’s take a peek into her cozy, open kitchen and flourishing garden.


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Keep Your Heart Open To Dreams…


Keep your Heart open to Dreams.

For as long as there’s a dream,

There is Hope.

And as long as there is Hope,

There is Joy in Living.

The Key to Happiness is Having Dreams.

The Key to Success is

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