Living in a working world where we are constantly distracted by stimulus and technology,  we have become vastly disconnected from our roots.  A deep connection with nature can have profound effects mentally, spiritually and physically— most of which we are missing out on.  Here are 6 things you can do to develop a deeper connection with nature:

1)  Sleep Outside

How often do we breath the fresh air and hear the sound of the wind whispering through the trees as we drift off to sleep?  Not often.  The norm for us today is to sleep in a room full of dust, stale air, wires and electronics.  We are so accustomed to sleeping in what is essentially a toxic box that we have forgotten what it would be like to sleep outside in the crisp, fresh air of the outdoors— surrounded by life.

2)  Eat More Fruit

What does eating fruit have to do with becoming connected to nature?  Everything.  Fruit is widely overlooked as and naively avoided due to fear of its natural sugar content, but is the most magnificent of foods.  It is fueled by sunlight,  its water is filtered through a tree,  and it literally falls without resistance to be consumed.  Fruit has incredible detoxing abilities— those on high fruit diets find themselves with improved happiness, better health and a desire to spend more time in the sunlight and move their body.

3)  Be Open To Signs, Omens and Welcoming Messages

The world we live in is more fantastic and magical than we give time to realize.  Everything in nature is constantly communicating— in such a manner that vast beauty, patterns and harmony is ongoing.  There is consciousness in life, and in nature— life is everywhere.  Be open and alert to receiving signs, omens and welcoming messages whether it be by hearing a nature sound,  seeing something or a feeling that may come from your surroundings.

4)  Express Your Gratitude

How are we supposed to truly strengthen our connection to nature if we don’t try to connect and communicate with it on a deep level?  In some Native cultures it is tradition to leave tobacco as a token of gratitude to the land.  You can leave something for the places you want to connect with, have a ceremony, or simply send your gratitude.  If you feel like dancing, or lifting your arms up— do it.  We have become so used to text and verbal language as our form of communication, that we have become afraid of being the inherently expressive creatures we truly are.

5)  Let Nature Take You To Imaginative Places

We constantly limit ourselves from incredible visions, experiences and inspiration by limiting our imagination.  Nature is the perfect example of no limitations— from the stunningly beautiful patterns, colours and designs we find in nature.  And our imagination is an incredible gift that can take us on magnificent journeys!  So don’t be afraid to let your imagination take you on a journey while spending time outdoors.

6)  Feel Your Feet On The Earth

The earth, this magnificent planet is what harbors every form of life you will ever encounter. Walk barefoot and feel the earth on your feet.  The practice of doing this has been coined ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’.  It has been shown to improve the function of the nervous system, heart, muscles, result in better sleep and prevent the occurrence of disease.

Making time to develop a deeper connection with nature can be truly magical.  It’s no wonder we get depressed and ‘feel like something is missing’ when we constantly miss out on all the beautiful sounds, sensations and connectedness to life that comes with time spent in nature.

Source: “6 Ways To Become More Connected With Nature,” from, by Erin Janus

The Unbounded Spirit