Don’t Throw Out Leftover Popcorn! See What It Can Do. — Tips from The Kitchn

Leftover popcorn? I know, I know, but it happens. So if you somehow find yourself staring down half a bowl of popcorn at the end of movie night (or even a few handfuls), don’t be so quick to toss it. That snack still has plenty of life left in it, and it’s totally worth saving. Here are a few smart ways to give it a second chance to curve your salty, crunchy cravings.


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Fully Express Yourself, Even If People Don’t Accept You



Fully express yourself, so that you can communicate your innermost thoughts and feelings with others, even if they don’t accept you for who you are.

Most people are afraid to go against the current, and instead choose to compromise themselves, afraid that if they do otherwise nobody will like them. Constantly seeking acceptance from others, they pretend to be different than who they are so as to please them, and hence suppress themselves in all sorts of ways that only results in experiencing tremendous suffering.

But I am telling you: those who don’t like you for who you are don’t deserve a place in your life!