23 Replies to “Red Velvet 레드벨벳_’행복(Happiness)’_KBS MUSIC BANK_2014.08.15”

  1. What is red velvet position again? I know Wendy is the main vocalist but
    what’s Irene, seulgi, and, joy position?

  2. i kind like them so mush what their fandom name ? anyone i hope they do
    well i dont have bias yet but i think joy is so cute 

  3. This Song is so catchy lalala
    I like the one with blue number 77 (Wendy right?) 

  4. this song is so great. i am glad there is something called Red Velvet in
    this world. otherwise it would’ve been so sad ;( ( well ofcourse if they
    didn’t exist we will never get to know them so idk….. i was dumb xP

  5. anybody can tell me how long promotions usually last for SM? i understand
    they’re a new group, but i’m just wondering :/

  6. 3:21 Cuando se agacho se le puso todo el pelo en la cara y después se paso
    la mano y lo tenia todo peinado .__. irene pasame tu secreto ;—; 

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