Why Positive Thinking Does Not Work.

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Coping with Divorce? http://understandingdivorce.com – If you have recurring negative thoughts due to a divorce, watch this video for a powerful technique to…
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30 Replies to “Why Positive Thinking Does Not Work.”

  1. I fear it only works as long as you beliebe in it. But if the seed of doubt
    is spread, even your positive being comed into question.

  2. I get it! I was uncertain at first but the more I listen the more I realize
    your right! Thanks!

  3. Divorce is becoming high in percentage these days. When a person deal with
    this kind of situation, i should say that it is not really that easy.
    Negative thoughts are always in the mind of a person. This video helps to
    cope up with the negative thoughts. So it’s interesting that you post it

  4. good video! life must go on and always think positive, even if you had
    divorce. very nice tips. thanks for sharing..

  5. so much informative video for our life. we have to think about the after
    condition of divorce. thanks for sharing.

  6. you must think in a positive way, even you have lots of problems 😉 this
    clip is amazing, it gives you a spirit of life! 😉

  7. nice info about Divorce really very helpful for everyone thanks for upload
    and please keep uploading.

  8. nice video that build our minds to not think negatively when coping with
    divorce, thanks for sharing

  9. Great video and i really like this one very much as it seems to be an
    informative source.

  10. Seriously, I did that also but it didnt worked. It just made me crazier.
    Good thing my friend shared me this program at the site:
    GettingBackTheEx.info Ive learned a lot of good things that will make him
    back and it worked! It also helped me getting our relationship much longer
    and healthier. It was really a great program!

  11. i’m glad i came accross this video..i kinda need to hear this. thanks a
    lot. will visit more!

  12. From this video, i realize about the powerful positive thinking technique
    of divorce. we want to careful about our relationship. nice sharing.

  13. Divorce is an odd thing in our life. We should avoid divorce any way.
    Thanks. Nice video clip.

  14. this video demonstrates one of the best Positive Thinking Technique. thanks
    for sharing this with us all

  15. It is so hard to have positive thoughts when you are depressed and
    frustrated, but I think the tips shared in the video could be helpful.

  16. Sometimes in divorce, bystanders jump in and judge, escalating the
    conflict, as if divorce is some kind of spectator sport. But the “judgment”
    for each divorce belongs only to the two people divorcing. Each divorce —
    just like each marriage — is unique, with its own set of challenges and
    toxins. We are each responsible for maintaining our own health. Divorce is
    difficult. Wouldn’t it be nice if bystanders would offer support instead of
    condemnation? That is especially helpful to the children.

  17. this video really helping me, i cant just keep punishing my self for taking
    a wrong path in life

  18. Thanks for sharing this information with us. It is useful inormation for
    those who are in this situation. For one of my friends this could be really
    helpful. I will definetly tell him about it.

  19. We indeed have a positive attitude to overcome all things. Although this is
    a sad thing, this video is amazing. Videos that builds our minds not to
    think negatively when faced with divorce Thank you site very useful for us.

  20. you satisfied me how to think positive at this situation . i can help many
    of my friends.

  21. I agree with your statement that you must be positive to overcame such
    thing and it’s very useful for other things as well instead of thinking
    negative and being negative.

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