Hello there! I proclaim the blog of the cocktail builder officially open.

“Cocktail what?”, you might say, and you’d be right. It’s a brand new project that you most likely never heard of; this post aims to shed some light on it.

In one sentence: website that helps you find out what cocktails you can make from the ingredients you have in your bar.

Imagine: you come home from class; there was a party at your house yesterday. Damn, I’d want a drink too. But the only thing you got in your bar is tiny bit of vodka, some champagne, and leftovers of a couple of juices in the fridge – pineapple and cranberry… You’re wondering whether mixing all that stuff together will make a delicious drink of gods or a disgusting bleah… Nope, you’re not wondering. You know where to go: www.cocktailbuilder.com, where you type up the stuff you got and find the stuff you can make – Puck’s Potion and Bay Breeze, each with detailed instructions and user reviews. Now your quickly put-together cocktail is much more likely to impress you – and your possible guest.

You may ask – damn, why do I need yet another cocktail site? There’s the cocktail.com, and webtender, and a bunch of others… I thought so too. But then I changed my mind; you will too, I’m sure, but first – here’s a story.

One rainy Seattle morning, I was brushing my teeth, and my girlfriend was taking a shower. I hear a earth-shattering question from behind the shower curtain: “hey, we have a party tomorrow; do you know what cocktails we’ll be serving”? I – the procrastinator of all times – of course say yes, but we both knew I didn’t. So she asks: “Hey, is there a website where I can put in the stuff we have in our bar, and find out what we can make”?

The answer, at that time, was no. Soon, it will be “yes”.

Now back to your original question – why not cocktail.com and others? Because all existing sites will help you make a drink if you know it by name, but are notoriously useless if you’re like me – want to experiment, or just want to use your bar to its fullest, and don’t feel like throwing money around for a special type of raspberry-based orange-flavored vodka that will only help you make one fancy drink.

Why am I starting a blog? I have a few reasons – first off, I love to write. Second, I want to hear the feedback of enthusiasts, readers like yourself, – so that the website really helps you with your bar. Lastly, I want to promote the cocktail builder project – which, of course, will be completely free (with a bare minimum of ads), and won’t require any registration.

Alex Weinstein, aka cb (cocktail builder)

Cocktail Builder: JavaScript Alcoholic