There are few people who have a better sense of what’s cool than hot menswear designer Todd Snyder. His own eponymous line, which he says is for the “modern gentleman” and is inspired by classic British tailoring and New York’s vibe, is popular with celebs and the well-dressed. When his new NoLita store selling exclusive pieces from his collaboration with Champion, City Gym, recently opened, it garnered a level of coverage usually reserved for new restaurants and bars.

The press was fitting, since Snyder isn’t just savvy about clothes; he also loves spirits, cocktails and good food as well. At home, his vintage bar cart is usually stocked with Templeton Rye Whiskey, a number of Balvenie single malts, Johnnie Walker Gold and Blue labels, Bacardi Rum and some tequila “in case the party gets dull.” He’s even adding a whiskey bar to the store he’s opening in Japan this spring.

So we spoke with Snyder about one of his favorite topics, the Big Apple, and got him to share his top places to drink, eat and shop. Next time you’re in New York, you’ll have to check them out. Cheers!


Angel’s Share (8 Stuyvesant Street, 212 777 5415)
“My favorite place to go in the city is Angel’s Share,” Snyder says. “The bartenders are Japanese and very diligent and precise. That’s my go-to place.” When he’s there, Snyder usually enjoys the excellent and traditionally prepared Vodka Gimlet.

The Raines Law Room (48 West 17th Street) 
Snyder also likes the modern-speakeasy-style Raines Law Room. The establishment boasts a nice list of whiskies and a tasty Moscow Mule, which contains a delicious house-made ginger beer. At home, Snyder enjoys using the Bermudian Barritt’s Ginger Beer. “The right ginger beer makes all the difference,” he says.

The Campbell Apartment (15 Vanderbilt Avenue, 212 953 0409)
Snyder now lives in the Westchester County town of Larchmont, so most days he takes the train to and from iconic Grand Central Terminal, which is home to the swanky Campbell Apartment. The ornate bar, which specializes in classic tipples, is tucked away in a corner of the building but is definitely worth seeking out. “It’s slowly getting discovered,” he says, “but most commuters still don’t know about it.”


ABC Kitchen (35 East 18th Street, 212 475 5829)
Snyder admits it: He’s a foodie and he eats out quite a bit. No surprise that he’s friends with a bunch of chefs, like Dan Kluger, executive chef at John-Georges Vongerichten’s acclaimed ABC Kitchen. “My favorite thing he makes is suckling pig,” Snyder says. “The crust is perfect.” The decadent dish comes with braised turnips and smoked bacon marmalade.

Fedora (239 West 4th Street, 646 449 9336)
Not only is Snyder a big fan of the food—especially the fish entrees—but trendy spot Fedora is also where he discovered Templeton Rye Whiskey, now his all-time fave. The restaurant offers a menu of delicious cocktails and will make you a “really good Whiskey Sour” that includes an egg white and, of course, Templeton.


ABC Carpet & Home (888 & 881 Broadway, 212 473 3000)
“My favorite place to go into is ABC,” Snyder admits. Besides being conveniently near his office, it offers an exhaustive selection of home furnishings and furniture to browse. Plus, it houses ABC Kitchen (see above), one of Snyder’s top spots to eat.

LV Wood (24 West 20th Street, 212 627 9663)
When Snyder is looking for some inspiration, he heads to LV Wood, which stocks an amazing inventory of reclaimed wood flooring sourced from around the country. The store also sells new flooring made in the US and Europe that comes in a range of beautiful finishes and patinas.

Strand (828 Broadway, 212 473 1452)
Be warned: Snyder says the Strand bookstore is a very dangerous place. “I have to be careful, because you can be lost in there for hours,” he says. That’s why he tries just to focus on the second floor, which is home to the store’s collection of art books.