So I was online, looking for new cars and I came across this website; its another thing to add in the arsenal of car buying, which I might try out:

Step 1: Tell us what kind of car you want

You get to use our simple car picking tool to tell us what make, model, and year you’re looking for. We give you simple tools to tell us what’s most important about the car you’re looking to buy. Whether it’s a specific color or option package, we help you communicate your desires to dealers so they can get you the best possible deal.

Step 2: We contact the best local dealers for you

Rather than driving around for an entire weekend and wasting your time inside a car dealership, we actually do all the hard work of contacting dealers on your behalf and get them to give you firm offers. After helping hundreds of buyers have a great car-buying experience, we know which dealers are the friendliest, which ones will give you the best prices, and which ones to avoid completely. By signing up for CarWoo!, you get all the benefits of that knowledge.

Step 3: You compare competing offers online

Before the days of CarWoo!, price quotes from dealers were really hard to compare because they all came in different formats and a lot of them didn’t even include all the information you would need to make a decision. With CarWoo!, you get all your offers in one easy-to-understand format that has everything you need and you can compare them all by logging into your CarWoo! Account right here on
You’ll never have to worry if you’re getting a great deal or being taken advantage of, because you’ll get plenty of firm offers from dealers to give you confidence in your deal.

Step 4: We help you pick the best offer

Once you’ve gotten enough offers to compare, it’s time to pick the one that you want to accept. CarWoo! gives you the tools to help you narrow it down, then it’s up to you to click the “I want to buy this car” button. What that does is lock in the offer so that you can go pick up the car at the dealership and, without any more negotiating, only have to pay the special CarWoo! Price (which is, on average, over $3000 less than MSRP). Then you get to drive off the lot in a brand new car, smiling to yourself and thinking “Woo!”