How to Stay Productive When You’re Beat [INFOGRAPHIC]

Let’s face it, more often than we care to admit, each of us is faced with a nightmarish day at work. Quite simply, you have too much to do in too little time; you’re already exhausted from weeks of hard work; and you’re probably going to end up in the office until long after dark.

Motivational Quote- Stay Cool!


If ‘Plan A’ did not work-do not worry-motivational quotes

If ‘Plan A’ did not work.

The alphabets have 25 more letters!

Stay Cool!

If something does not click in one go…

no need to panic…

Keep Cool and Think…

There is always some alternate way.

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Stay on the path

Which path you choose is important. What’s just as important is choosing to stay on that path, every moment, every day, until the destination is reached.
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Life Quotes – Stay positive in life

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