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9 Mezcal Cocktails for Cinco de Mayo

If you’ve spent any time at a cocktail bar lately, it’s likely you’ve seen jiggers of mezcal going into the drinks. Long past are the days when the US only had access to cheap, rough versions of this agave spirit. What you can find now is fascinating stuff: herbal and savory, sometimes smoky, and definitely worthy of tasting straight up. We love it in cocktails too, and recommend grabbing a bottle for this year’s Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Here are nine recipes to get you started. Read More
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How to Make Easy Vegan Mayo!

This is the easiest vegan mayo recipe I’ve ever tried. You don’t have to slowly blend in the oil like in most other recipes….but you have to follow the rec…

Bibimbap (mixed rice) is a classic Korean dish and the perfect vehicle to enjoy copious amounts of gochujang. Try my bite-sized vegan twist that’s heavy on t…

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