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Knowledge lies in the Perception of the Seeker!


shobhna RJ-quotes-knowledge lies in the perception of the seeker

Learning is a life long process.

No one is learned enough and those who think they know all, actually have the most to learn.

Have you ever realized, when we read a book there are so many words that seem new.

We go finding the meaning of those words and then it leads to another new word.

If we go googling about the author, we get to know of so many books ha has written or of the people that have been a part of his life.

Then go googling about that book or person… and find another…

Well the series is infinite…

And yes, that is what is Web about… Knowledge… endless knowledge…

At times I feel I know all about emotions, I can go helping anyone in need…

Oh then I find out about someone who is fighting inner battles about which the outside world has no inkling!

Life has so much to teach…

Each day is a new class!

My teacher may be a beggar on the street or a bird in the sky…

My teacher might be my child or a piece of paper flying with the wind…

It’s all in my eye…

Right, as beauty lies in the eyes of beholder similarly I believe

Knowledge lies in the Perception of the Seeker!

-Shobhna RJ

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Chetan Bhagat on Knowledge


Because knowledge is not for showing off.

If I do good work, people should notice me.

-Chetan Bhagat – Inspirational Thoughts & Pictures – Motivational Quotes – Health Tips

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