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johnniepop commented on Negroni

Well, having a shaken Negroni is fine, and it is called Neighborhood Negroni. But stirred … the Negroni is not a stirred drink the the sense of the … say Manhattan – you don’t stir it in a separate glass, and then strain it, you directly build it in the drinking-glass. On the matter of the orange – a dash or to of orange bitters are also (and always) acceptable, besides the mandatory orange peel (however you like it. One additional point – if you have the chance, try it with Brockmans gin – a world of difference in the taste!
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johnniepop added a new cocktail: Far East Dragon

The taste is pretty delicate, but in case it comes a bit too sweet for you, just cut the liqueurs proportions and increase the amount of the Soju. Or you may use a stronger variant of Soju, if available – they go up to 45% ABV.
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