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The Food Lab: Cryo-Blanched Green Beans

The Food Lab: Cryo-Blanched Green Beans
Cryo-blanching before sautéing softens these green beans in much the same way that par-cooking would, leaving them with a fresh, green flavor and a slight crunch. A sprinkling of golden-brown fried garlic is a nice touch on these or, well, pretty much any vegetable. Get Recipe!

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This Country Eats The Most Ice Cream In The World — And It’s Not The U.S. — Food News

Ice cream is loved around the globe and if you think the United States is the largest per capita consumer of the treat, it’s time to recalibrate your knowledge. According to an annual report from Mintel, the U.S. is neither the country that consumes the most ice cream nor the nation with the highest per capita intake.


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