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Pasta With Butternut Squash and Sage Brown Butter

Pasta With Butternut Squash and Sage Brown Butter
Brown butter-based pasta sauces are some of the simplest things around. They’re emulsions made with a flavorful fat and pasta cooking water that coats the pasta in a thin, creamy sheen of flavor. Throw in some sautéed squash and some sage and you’ve got yourself a great 30-minute meal. It’s a classic fall and winter dish that can be made right on the stovetop. Get Recipe!

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Why Brown Ale is Back (Plus 9 to Try)

Brown Ales are the Rodney Dangerfields of beer—they get no respect. Often perceived as an overstayed holdover of the ’90s “microbrewery” phenomenon, they evoke images of beer bellied bros in musty brewpubs with stale popcorn and loud TVs. But like many neglected styles, the brown ale is gaining newfound traction thanks to refinement and experimentation on the part of brewers, as well as rediscovery among eager drinkers. Here are 10 of our favorites. Read More
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